Tuesday, December 03, 2013

One of these eggs is not like the others (the story of Chickie)

See the blue-green egg at the top?  Chickie laid her first egg today!  

May 30th of this year we were at Orscheln's when I happened by the baby chicks.  One cage had a sign that said "Araucana pullets"; inside the cage was one lonely chick.  I thought it would be fun to have one hen laying a different-colored egg, so Chickie came home with me that day.  Once I got my "house chicken" home, I noticed she was missing a toe.  She had obviously injured herself in some way, there in the cage, which is probably why nobody had bought her.  She didn't seem to miss the toe.  

I got rather attached to my pet.  

I felt sorry for her, being raised all alone, so Cliff gave me a mirror to put in her little apartment.  She liked her new friend and hung out with her all the time.  

By the time Chickie got this size, she was smelling up the house pretty bad, so I put her in a wire cage in the chicken house, figuring the bigger chickens and she would get acquainted.  In the evening, as you see here, I went out and let her know I still loved her.  

The other chickens did not accept her when I turned her loose in the house, but she was a smart little pullet.  She found a spot where she could escape their murderous attacks, and I fed her on her special roost.  

When it came time to roost for the night, she ascended even higher.  The chickens all get along these days, but Chickie still roosts up there, alone.  

And now she has started to pay for her room and board.  I'm so proud.  


  1. How exciting about Chickie.

  2. I used to have some chickens that lay different colored eggs. I loved the colors.

  3. Araucanas are the best. They're very mild-tempered - even the roosters. And I love their pretty eggs.

  4. That's a very pretty egg! Go, Chickie!!


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