Friday, December 13, 2013

A day with our daughter

Rachel underwent a tram Flap reconstruction Monday, since other means of breast reconstruction had failed.  Click HERE if you want to see what sort of surgery she had.  

She's doing amazingly well, but the doctor did not want her to be at home alone for a while.  Her husband can take off work to be with her at any time, but he doesn't get paid while he's off.  As we all know, the bills go on, no matter who's had surgery.  So yesterday Cliff's sister, Rachel's aunt Rena, stayed with her.  Today Cliff and I went over and hung out with her and her two dozen four dogs.  

It was fun and relaxing.  Cliff read on the Nook.  I surfed on the Ipad.  At one point I even stole a couple of the pillows Rachel was using to prop various parts of her body up, stretched out on the couch with a throw over me, and took a nap, with the smallest of the forty-two four dogs asleep on my belly.  Watching out for one's daughter is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.    

We drank coffee.  The three of us worried together about my daughter's constipation (it always happens after surgery and pain pills, right?) and had some laughs.  Cliff and I applauded Rachel when she finally came out of the bathroom, victorious.  

We sent Cliff for pizza.  I found a pumpkin roll in the kitchen and Cliff and I shared a slice of it.  

The granddaughters came home from school, and our watch was officially over.  

As we got in the car, I said to Cliff, "This was a good day."  

"Yes," he said, "it was."


  1. I'm glad she got to go! I had illius after a c-section. No good. It sounds like a good day!

  2. Our children will always be our precious babies.

  3. She's lucky to have you there to help. I love days like that.

  4. Whether you're doing anything specific or just THERE, your presence and support are the main things. Does Rachel take a stool softener every time she takes a pain pill? (doq-o-lace or something like that) Patt had to since he had the same problem.

  5. It was the other way around when I broke my hip last year my daughter and her girls came down and stayed with us for about five or six weeks, what a blessing that was and I know your daughter is proud she has a mom and dad that love her and cares. I hope this will work for her she has been through so much. Take care. Jean

  6. Wishing Rachel a fast recovery. It sounds like a good day and I'm sure there was lots of visiting and laughs.

  7. Spending a day with a daughter is always a good thing in my books. Sorry Rachel had to have another surgery. I'm sending best of wishes for a speedy recovery her way.

  8. I'm glad you had a good day with Rachel. A loving family is so important in times of crisis. I realize that more than ever now that I'm entirely alone.

  9. I am SO glad Rachel is doing well, and that she has all of you to take care of her. I hope she continues to feel better as she heals from her surgery. Had to laugh at how the four dogs became 24 and then 42 in the space of two paragraphs!


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