Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just some pictures

I'm trying to get used to my new camera.

Penny, born last March

  At times like this George forgets he's just a lowly steer.  He thinks he's a bull!  I'm sure Penny is worn out from this, but she keeps hoping he might be able to perform.  This is a terrible picture that should have been tossed, but I wanted my city slicker friends to see how we know when to take a cow to visit the bull.  If the cow doesn't run from somebody trying to "ride" her, you know she is ready.  

This is Grace, my current favorite.  She is old enough to breed, and I have found a man just a few miles from here who will let us use his semen-tested Red Angus bull if he doesn't sell him too soon.  We can take her to him, rather than bringing a bull here.  This is wonderful, since Penny is too young to be around a bull.    

She's darker than most Jerseys, possibly due to a tiny bit of Holstein blood in her background.  But her stature and body type are Jersey all the way.  

This is Crystal, Bonnie's calf born in November of 2012.  I won't need to milk her, but the fact that she's half Jersey will mean she will probably have plenty of milk to raise a nice calf.  

Here you see George in hot pursuit of Penny.

Good old George.  He'll make some good meat for somebody's freezer next spring.  

I'm still getting eggs from my chickens.  Now that we have neighbors who actually keep their dogs at home, I can let them run free most of the day.  

This is another shot I should have trashed, but I was trying out the zoom.  It's been an overcast, foggy day, so I am really anxious to try this shot again on a clear day.  The farm you see is probably two miles away from here, on the other side of the Missouri River.  I don't see a house, so I guess the farmer must live somewhere else.  That's probably very wise, since the farm is in a flood area.  


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