Sunday, February 03, 2008

Somebody just SHOOT me!

Cliff and I were doing well losing our holiday excess pounds until cabin fever slowly took over. I noticed we were sneaking in more and more extra calories. We ate out twice last week, once at the Chinese buffet.

We still take our little daily walk, but that's about all the exercise we've been getting. Unless you count moving from the computer chair to the Lazyboy to the refrigerator and back to the computer again.

I had been trying my best to cook nutritious, low-fat meals ever since Christmas. We had been sticking to our portion control fairly well.

But something about the upcoming Superbowl threw me completely off-kilter. And when I go off-kilter, Cliff can't help but follow.

Originally the daughter and her family were going to come here to watch the big game with us, since we're the ones with the digital, wide-screen TV.

I figured we'd need some snacks, and I started planning: home-made caramel popcorn, hot hamburger dip and chips. Barbecued ribs.

Then the daughter found out relatives were coming to her house today, so they wouldn't be coming over.

Now, up to that point I had not made any of my planned treats. But the seed had been planted. My excuse for making all that high-calorie food was gone, but my desire was still with me.

Yesterday, in a total S.A.D wintertime funk, I said to myself, "I want some caramel corn; I make the world's best caramel corn; and I'm gonna darn well have some caramel corn."

And I proceeded to turn out the best batch of caramel corn I've ever produced in my life. Cliff agrees to this fact.

Then I went on to make the barbecued ribs, because by golly, if I don't have them now, there'll be no more excuse to fix them until barbecue season in spring.

The hot dip is good, too.

We've gone so far off the deep end this weekend that Cliff was going to go get a pizza, until I told him I'm not hungry (as I sucked the last remnant of meat off a cold pork rib).

We've polished off the caramel corn. We're working on the ribs and dip.

And I don't even like football.

Oh, and now it's raining.



Astaryth said...

ROFL! Yep, it seems once you make that first little foray into the no-no foods it is just so easy to go "Well, I've blown it now, I might as well eat it all!" I say enjoy your Sunday and just get back on track on Monday ;p

Spyder said...

After church today a friend & I went looking for lunch. We ended up at a place called Cinzetti (I think), an all you can eat Italian buffet. I'm so full right now that I couldn't even a cup of hot tea if I wanted too. I feel like a bloated tick on a dog ready for popping. UGH!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Astaryth mentioned what I was going to say: You've got a bad case of "the might-as-wells". You've already committed dietary sin, so you might as well go ahead and eat whatever can't outrun you, LOL!

I speak from experience here. ;o)

Here's to a better day tomorrow, and good new week.



Anonymous said...

I agree...there's always tomorrow. (So what if I've already snarfed down a healthy portion of brown sugar with the oatmeal I used to make myself feel ok about it. *ahem*)