Monday, April 30, 2007

A visit to the cabin

This is my cabin in the woods. Actually, it's an old poolside shed somebody threw away. My son-in-law salvaged enough materials for Cliff to rebuild the thing and make it habitable. It's my retreat. Sometimes I spend the night there. Other times, like today, my dog and I spend an hour or so and have our spirits renewed.

This is the back of my cabin. There are two black walnut trees in front of it that I call "the old warriors". They stand guard over my cabin. The one on the left leans protectively over toward the right.

I can't turn Sadie loose at the house; she'll run away. But usually it's safe to let her run free at the cabin. She loves to fetch the Frisbee.

It was pretty warm today, and Sadie stood on the porch at the cabin panting like crazy. I think she's learning to like the Floyd Westerman CDs I play back there.

I happened to see a female cardinal acting as though she was wounded and dying, so I figured she was trying to draw me away from her nest; sure enough, I found it.

I bought these sheets of cardboard with sticky stuff on them to catch mice in the cabin. So far it's never caught a mouse, but I'm glad to be rid of all the spiders and bugs that got trapped there.


  1. Ewwww! The spiders and bugs are NASTY (but at least they're serving life sentences now).

  2. What a wonderful place to go and just be by yourself and your dog. Are you scared sleeping out there alone at night? Great pic of the cardinal egg, it's bigger then I thought they would be. You take great pictues, guess I've mentioned that before but it's worth repeating!

  3. No, Midlife Mom, I'm less afraid there than I would be at the house. Nobody is going to be back there in the pasture and woods after dark... except me!

  4. Pooped puppy. Nice retreat. Wood stove or fire ring?


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