Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I love green!

Our alfalfa is about 8 inches tall. If we get timely rains, we should get at least four cuttings of hay from it. The trick is to get it cured, baled, and in the barn without it getting rained on. Last winter, I heard of some people paying $8 a bale for alfalfa hay. I wish we'd sold the 200 bales left in our barn at that time!

That's Libby in the foreground. I laid down in the alfalfa to take this picture. When I read pioneer woman's blog, I get crazy ideas for things to do with my camera. I'm sure the neighbors think I've totally lost my mind when they see me with a camera six inches from a horse's eye, or lying on my belly in the yard to get a closeup shot of a flower.

I took this while we were riding the motorcycle yesterday, just because it's so green and pretty, and I was enjoying the ride! We had a nice little ride to Excelsior Springs.

As I type this entry, there's a most delightful thunderstorm going on outside, with even a little hail thrown in. That can only mean more green.


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Wish you lived near us. Alfalfa hay sells for around $15 a bale here in NC. Luckily our horses are willing to settle for coastal which we can buy a whole lot cheaper.

  2. Wish I lived somewhere near you... I'm still paying $10+ for -T&A- not even full alfalfa!! Heck, we were paying almost $7 for a decent quality coastal(grass) hay last winter!

  3. LOL you are quite the adventurer. I laugh sometimes not at what you DO say, but what you don't. I can picture you out there snapping shots from the motorcycle! Good job.



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