Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen ways my horse costs me money

Yesterday was the yearly visit by the veteranarian, which you can read about HERE. Hence, my Thursday Thirteen:

1. Shoes and/or hoof-trimming. My farrier charges $35 for a trim, $85 for shoeing a horse. It has to be done every six to eight weeks.

2. Wormer 6 times a year
3. Vet once a year (at least)
4. Hay. If you raise your own, there's a cost to that also. Boy, is there.
5. Horse treats, carrots, apples
6. Grain; I don't give my horses much grain, but I keep it around as a treat anyhow.
7. Tack... saddles, bridles, bits, lead ropes etc. etc. You wouldn't believe!
8. Doctor bills for yourself after you’ve been thrown, kicked, or stepped on
9. Books to help you understand your horse, books and videos to show you how to train your horse.
10. Cost of a cell phone, so you can check in with husband when on a long ride alone.
11. Any or all of a dozen different kinds of fly repellents, masks, and what-have-you, none of which work very well or give the horse more than temporary relief.
12. Fence repair because horses insist on leaning on, reaching over, and pushing down fences. The grass is always greener on the other side, you know.
13. A yearly fee to the MFTHBA association in order to keep the horse officially registered. Or a larger, lifetime fee that you know you'll never need.

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  1. Can I relate to this one!!!! I'll add a few, repairing things that they chew on like bridles if I don't hang them up in their bridle bags, stall doors that they kick if they have to stay in for a couple of days due to bad weather, ink for the computer for printing off adorable pixs of them that you just can't resist and shampoos, conditioners, Show Sheen and other 'beauty aids'. Worth every penny!!!

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Wow! And I thought cats were expensive...?! Happy TT!

  3. oh yeah, horses arent cheap.

    But they are worth every penny!

    I suppose I could ride around in a brand new fancy caddy SUV instead of my '06 chevy Impala if I gave up my horse---not a chance of that happening EVER.

    MidLife mom-your right, that printer paper and ink aint cheap! I am always printing off photos. I even frame and put them about my house..

  4. Is there a type of bug repellent for horses that smells like cinnamon? Cause when I'm out walking the woods with the dogs, there's this one horse that goes by and I always smell cinnamon after!

  5. Donna, I worm every new horse when I get them and then I wait six months and send a fecal sample to the vet. Our last two horses never needed to be wormed while they were here. The vet said is was probably because of good manure management. I rotate pastures and clean up the manure in the pasture that they are moving out of. The manure is then composted in a covered area. The compost is used in the garden or given away and not put back in the pasture. This method also helps greatly with fly control.

  6. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I've always heard there's a whole lot that goes into having a horse or horses -- a lot of responsibility, and it sounds like you do a great job with yours. They're beautiful creatures. :)

    Happy TT, and thanks for visiting mine!

  7. Yep, the cheapest part of owning a horse is the original cost of the horse... from then on it is one thing after another LOL!

  8. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Wow, horses are quite expensive! All animals are worth it, though! :)


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