Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm NOT an evening person....

But the grandson came out after work this evening, wanting to know if I could ride with him again.

"Yes," I told him rather reluctantly, "if the granddaughters are gone by six."

They were, so Arick and I once again hit the roads on horseback. This time we rode to the Missouri River bottoms. Chief, the horse he's breaking, is still a little leery of cars passing on the highway. But he seems to enjoy his job of being a saddle horse. He insisted on keeping up with Blue, which is no easy task. It's hard for a trotting horse to stay even with a gaited horse. Chief's ears were up all the time, and he was obviously having fun.

And to think that I pronounced him a lost cause, only a month ago.

I'm learning to like this boy. Now that it's almost time for him to go home to his owners.

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  1. it sounds like you had a great evening.

    Blue looks so big in his photos. How many hands is he? He also looks like he has a big smooth stride.

    the weather here on OK has been perfect...calling for rain today but I dont see any!


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