Friday, April 27, 2007

The Napoleon Elevator

I took Blue out this morning to the next-nearest town from here. It's a nice little ride up the highway, and I have a couple of friends, Shirley and Carol, that I figured to visit there. After finding nobody stirring at either house, I rode by the old grain elevator and realized it held an interesting story for my blog readers.

The elevator sits right smack-dab on the Missouri River. Cliff and I bought feed there for our livestock for many years. Unfortunately, the place closed a long time back. I had heard that somebody was using it for living quarters, and as I was snapping pictures from a distance, a man drove down the driveway in a pickup, parked, and motioned for me to ride my horse on down.

He asked me if I'd like to see inside. I didn't need to be asked twice! I dismounted and tied Blue up at a rail.

The fellow introduced himself to me, and I wish I could recall his name; but in the excitement, I totally forgot it. Anyhow, he said that when Cliff and I are out on the Gold Wing sometime to come by, and he'll give us a tour.

And if he's not there, we're to sit on the patio and watch the Missouri River roll by if we like.
I learned that this guy is sixty-eight years old, still working, and, in addition to all his other hobbies, he flies. I can't wait for Cliff to meet him and see the place.

Turns out they really don't live here, but they do spend lots of weekends. Especially in summer. He calls it a "hang-out". He has buddies he rides his motorcycle with, and they often come here to relax.

Don't you love all that "stuff"? He said there's lots more at home. He even has a car collection he'll eventually be bringing out, once he gets the back shed emptied. Oh, see that motorcycle in the background to the right? I think there was a motorcycle of some sort parked in every room in the place.

He bought this stove at an auction about forty miles away in Chilhowee, but he said he was told it originally came from the hardware store in my little town.

This is part of his kitchen area. It's the place where the sacks of feed used to be stored when we patronized the elevator. Unbelievable.

I'm sure there's a story behind most every item there, and I'd love to hear every one. Unfortunately, it was 11:30 AM when I left, and I had four miles to ride to get back home. And I knew Cliff would be ready for dinner.

Can you see the patio they built on the back of the elevator?

I told Cliff's sister about this adventure tonight when she called, and she thought I was crazy to enter that place with a man I'd never met.

That's funny. I don't feel any crazier than usual. And Cliff didn't seem to be worried about it.

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  1. The stories those items have to tell would keep me going back for more. x x x

  2. Yeah my first thoughts as I read were IS SHE CRAZY GOING IN THERE WITH THAT MAN! What a hoot! I love all the STUFF in there, would love to go through it all and find treasures that I'm sure are in there! Great pictures and did you notice the candles on the table? What a great weekend retreat but next time take Cliff with you, now listen to Mommy Midlife!!!

  3. how amazing and wonderful! I think its very neat he let you go in. :)


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