Sunday, April 29, 2007

a motorcycle ride

The trees had started to leaf out nicely three weeks ago; then we were hit by a week of hard freezes at night, which killed all the green. They are now starting to make new leaves again,thank goodness! The landscape is very bleak when the trees are bare.

Somebody owns a LOT of cattle! One thing about it, the hard freeze didn't ruin pasture-grass. It sure did hurt our alfalfa at home, though; we won't know how much damage was done until we mow it and see if it grows back properly.

I'm sure there's something really valuable to somebody here. I do enjoy going to swap-meets. You never know what you'll find, and it's a great place to people-watch.

or dog-watch.

Or find yourself a slightly-used car.

We usually avoid freeways when riding the Honda; but I had a hankering for steak, and there was only one way to get to Longhorn.

We hardly ever get appetizers, and of course we don't need the salt and calories. But once in a while, you just gotta splurge. These are firecracker chicken wraps. We really didn't taste any chicken, but they were sinfully good!

So was this.

And we were home in plenty of time for me to ride Blue. And for us to have a nice visit from the daughter's family, dogs and all.


  1. You know, though I hate motorcycles as anything more than a still standing piece of art, your pictures ALMOST make me want to go for a ride on one LOL.

  2. what a great day you had! that steak looks absolutely delicious, my mouth is watering.

    I hope you had a good ride on Blue, Scooter and I went out yesterday morning, it was a perfect day.

  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Ok, now I am totally starving.

  4. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Howdy from another older woman horse riding nut who also likes Clinton Anderson. I'm not too agile either, and have a couple I need to start this summer. We currently have about 16 on our place. Really like your Blue posts.

  5. That steak looks soooooooooo good!!!! I'm drooling!

  6. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Thanks for visiting my site! I've enjoyed reading about your journeys...


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