Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ahh, Springtime

I rode to an orchard over seven miles from my house today. My intention was to get pictures of the peach trees in bloom, but alas, the owner said I was three days too late. Oh well, it was a nice ride, and I did get a few pictures along the way.

Blue obviously likes dandelion greens. I took this picture while sitting on him.

Then I got off and took another shot.

There are some really old tombstones here, overlooking the Missouri River bottom.

There's no place like a graveyard for a snack. Click to make the picture larger and I think you can read the date on the tombstone.

I've been told that building used to be a hotel, some 150 years ago. I can't imagine our little town needing a hotel, ever!

Riding along the scenic byway, five miles from home.


  1. Your so lucky to have a horse Donna. I can imagine it's hard work but those pictures make it look so calming to ride along. Excellent pictures x

  2. Great pictures! I love to ride in the old cemetarys and read the headstones. My guys would kill for a fresh dandelion right now! There still isn't a thing green for them to munch on. Hopefully soon some spears of grass will poke their heads up but today has been snowshowers so it will be a while yet.

  3. Beautiful area, beautiful photos.


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