Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogging stuff

I enjoy my site meter.

Thanks to the site meter over at the right, I can tell what website refers people to my blog, and sometimes, a reader's location: That isn't too accurate, since it gives my location as Brinktown, Missouri; or sometimes as Bucyrus, Kansas. And I think it tells me my journal buddy Astaryth is in Illinois; she's actually in Florida! So don't count on that part.

I can always see how much time a reader has spent here, and how many pages she reads. I know whether they've clicked on a link, and have been surprised to see how few people click on any of the links I plant here, unless it's something I'm really, really promoting hard.

This blog isn't very old, but I notice more and more that readers are coming here by way of Google. Often they typed in "hamburger stew". More times than you can imagine, actually! Or "horses", or "round pen", or "how much grain to give my horses". I'm not usually high up on the google page, but people seem to stumble in, anyhow.

Many readers come to check me out after I've commented in other blogs; they've read my Blogger profile, which lists this blog, and they come to see what I'm like, what sort of person has been reading what they have to say.

Then there are my faithful AOL journal readers, who usually come directly here from My Country Life.

I really enjoy that about site meter. It's free, and I recommend it to anyone who blogs. By the way, if you click on my site meter, you can see the same information I do. In case you get curious. Of course, I'll be able to tell that you clicked on it. Unless you click on something else afterward, because it only gives one out-click per person per visit. Obviously, I have too much time on my hands or I wouldn't have figured all this stuff out.

Now, about the Google adsense ads on the right: I've had them on my blog for a few days and I've earned $1.09. And that was made in the first twenty-four hours after I added it. I'll leave the ads there for a few days; if that's all they're going to net me, they'll go bye-bye in a couple of weeks. That just isn't enough for me to put up with clutter on my blog.


  1. I'm watching your experiences with adsense closely.... I've been considering experimenting with it, but don't know if it would be worth the clutter either.

    Hmmmm... you know I used to live in Illinois many, many years ago (left in 1985), but I didn't have internet then LOL! I'm actually in FL currently.

  2. I must try and set up my site meter again. I did once and must have done something wrong cause it didn't show me anything just blank on everything. I clicked on yours and looked around, that is so interesting!

  3. Wow, you've made more in adsense in one day than I have in three months. Might be a good thing. :) Keep us posted.

    I like site meter too. Depends on the service and what "hub" is used when blog-hoppers come. Some are consistent. Others, not-so-much. Sometimes my own says I'm in Arizona or the midwest.

  4. Leave the adsense if you can stand it. Even if it takes a year to make $100, that's still a $100 you wouldn't have had otherwise.

    I've gotten so use to seeing google ads everywhere I go that I tend to overlook them now, anyway.

  5. Anonymous8:30 PM

    site meters are great. I love the built in stats at wordpress..even tho I only check them every 2 weeks. It is nice to have.

    I hear about the clutter on blog sites. I try to keep my site as simple and un-busy as I can....

    but hey, if you can make $100 a year with the adsense....leave it up


  6. Uh are watching us! haha! Enjoyed the read...keep up the great posts!

  7. Anonymous12:54 PM

    As you read in my blog, I am obsessed with my "stats" too.

    I also really love my Clustermap that has little red dots on a world map showing where people have come from. Of course most of them stumbled in by accident. For example, I have lots of China dots but have never had a "serious" reader from China (I can tell that from length of visit in my Stat Counter!). If you get rid of your AdSense and want to fill the gap, try out a Clustermap!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  8. I use a few different site meters. I love to see people visiting and staying for a while. I found you through Wordless Wednesdays.

    Be well and enjoy life


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