Tuesday, April 03, 2007

OK, as I was saying... I did find morels!

We received an inch and 1/4 of rain this morning, so I knew it would be wet in the woods. My feet are in terrible shape, and I can't wear boots very long at a time because I have to have my inserts to remain pain-free. So I got my rattiest pair of sneakers and put plastic bags inside them. It worked pretty well.

There's no lack of fungus in the woods, but I only eat morels. It's too easy to get poisoned by mushrooms if you don't know what you're doing. I don't know what sort of mushroom or toadstool that is growing on the dead wood. See all the Mayflowers growing? That's always a good sign it's time for morels.

This little guy is about the size of the tip of my little finger. I sat and talked to him for awhile... which is how my butt got wet. I did find several morels, but they were all too tiny to pick. I love the macro setting on my Canon.

I did pick the biggest one I found, just to be able to say I had one. I put a penny beside it for comparison.


  1. Did it taste good?

  2. What do these morels taste like? I am so jealous of your Mayflowers I am turning green! I have been looking for some for 10 years and haven't been able to find any around here. They smell soooooooooo good, I just love them. I see leaves that look like Mayflowers but they are not the real thing. I will keep looking.

  3. yummmm. Morels are delicious! a delicacy. I hope you find a lot this spring and the little baby ones grow into perfect sized morels.

    I love the shoes! whatever works :) wet feet arent any fun. I have a high arch and my feet are picky too.

  4. Anonymous9:54 PM

    My parents live in central Ilinois and hunt morel mushrooms every spring. Some years they get a lot and others not so much, depending upon the rain. They fry them up and they are delicious.

  5. Anonymous11:40 AM

    ROFLOL! Donna, you just managed to pull the biggest wool over my eyes EVER. I saw that picture of you with the baggies in your shoes and thought, 'Isn't Donna just a wee bit old to be wearing lacey little socks like a preschooler?' Uh, apparently *I* am getting just a wee bit old and my eyes are proof in fact. ROFLOL!!!
    Honestly, I thought you had a cute pair of socks on. I just couldn't figure out why.
    ~toni (who needs to go now to reconsider the outcome of her previous Lasik surgery).

  6. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I used to hunt morels with my husband until we stopped eating them after he developed heart problems and we changed our diet. No more fried morels!! I used to have wonderful woods south of Bates city. (Now I know why I can't read your other journal!)


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