Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yesterday's motorcycle ride

Cliff had big plans of seeding our pasture this weekend.  Unfortunately, he forgot that MFA isn't open on Saturday until after Labor Day, and then only while harvest lasts; so we didn't get the seed bought. Rather than brood about it, he decided it was time for a ride, and asked me to suggest a destination.  I threw a few at him:  My cousin in Cameron?  That isn't a very fun, or very long, motorcycle ride, but it's a ride.  Cliff's cousin at Barnett?  That's a good ride, and scenic.  But at 11 A.M., it was a little late to head off so far.  
"How about riding to Sedalia, to window-shop at Menard's?" I suggested.  And that's where we went  
First we made stops in Higginsville at two tractor dealers and an auto parts place to get oil filters for two tractors and the car.  
As we neared Sedalia, Cliff asked if I had any idea where we should picnic.  I first suggested the picnic area at Bothwell Lodge, but he informed me that's on Highway 65; we were on 50.  Oops.  
I told him we could picnic outside the railroad museum in Sedalia, or at the Highway gardens on the State Fair grounds.  Or, we could go to Liberty park, where we've picnicked many times before.  That's where we ended up going.  

And then, on to Menard's.  I only saw one thing I wished I could buy; good thing we were on the motorcycle, because I would probably have robbed money out of the "fun" envelope and bought this raised-off-the-ground, easily-moved fire pit for $49.  

We got off the beaten track on our way home and passed through Concordia.  

There's a strong Lutheran influence in Concordia; isn't that a grand old church? There's a Lutheran school, St. Paul's, in the town.  

Can anybody tell me why my husband was so excited to see this car?  It just looks like an old car to me.

We kept talking about the fact that the corn looks ready to harvest, in some places. 

We passed by this farm and saw a fleet of tractors standing by, ready to go.

The combines are all set, too.  Do you have any idea how much money is sunk into farm machinery on this place?  I'll guarantee it's enough to buy a fancy house on a corner lot.  And then some.

More corn, just waiting.

We absolutely love driving up and down highway 24.  There are orchards and wineries and farmer's markets.  It's just downright scenic.  We've probably ridden the motorcycle on that road as much as all others combined, and never tire of it.  The building above is a new addition near Waverly, Missouri:  Hilltop Farm and greenhouse.  We passed it up, but I asked Cliff to turn around because they might have the garden seeds I've been unable to find anywhere.  And guess what?  They did!  So now I've planted carrots and lettuce in my fall garden.  I came home and "friended" them on Facebook. 

This is another small town we passed through on Highway 24.

Not so far from home, we finally caught a combine in action.
It was a great day for a ride, temperatures just right and not windy at all.  When we got home, Cliff sat down in his recliner and slept for over an hour while I made stuffed peppers and stir-fried vegetables for our supper.  


  1. I bought that firepit a couple years back and the legs eventually rusted off it. Got alot of use out of it before they did, though.

  2. Looks like and sounds like a good trip. I have no idea about that car. Probably an old model that has been kept up. Helen

  3. Anonymous3:47 PM

    As for the car, that would be an apparently well-preserved 1970-72 Chevy Monte Carlo. Sharp cars, particular if it is an SS, so I can understand Cliff's interest. You should have asked him to speed up so you could have gotten us a better picture. }8^D

  4. 4:00 PM lunch break.
    I like your narrated travelogues, I almost feel as though I were riding with you. I can also almost smell those stuffed peppers all the way up here. As for the car, it was a nice handling sedan with somewhat of a sports car feel. Drove one once. Hit a deer. that a mess. car had just come out of repair shop for previous deer encounter.
    You're a white witch liking my mother was. You've just worked all my senses overtime: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste, exhausting me. And, I got to get back outside and cut more hay. :-)

  5. Wow, what a wonderful day!!

  6. I love your trips that you take on the motorcycle. On our way home from the lake today we talked about motorcycles. I'm in for a Gold Wing but the Hubs likes a certain kind of Harley that looks a lot like a GW. Probably will never have one but it's fun talking about it.

  7. Now I'm hoping you're going to tell us about that old or is it vintage car. Glad you had such a beautiful day for your trip.

  8. Looks like a nice trip. We had an enjoyable trip out to Fonda recently and I enjoyed the cows, sheep and corn fields. Our fields aren't brown yet they will be soon.

  9. I'm thinking George and I would love that highway. THanks for showing the pics. We'd stop at all the wineries. lol. George has been making wine for us downstairs today. Soon he'll have to quit due to the weather being too cold down there. Have a great Labor Day.

  10. I love going along on your motorcycle rides and with Paula when she's exploring some little road she's never been down before! The corn looks about ready to harvest around here too.


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