Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Crimson King Maple: a rebirth

Cliff got me this Crimson King Maple tree for our anniversary in June.  As you can see, the leaves are rather sparse on it.  

All summer some sort of bugs ate at the leaves until they were almost non-existant.  But look at the right side of the tree; there are lovely, healthy new leaves!  

Leaves are growing on the end of every branch.  

LOTS of leaves.  And where there are no full-grown leaves,

little buds are coming on and turning into leaves.  

I'm so excited!


  1. Nice! So neat to see plants come to life..While on vacation some of our plants took a dive... I am excited for you too..

  2. Beautiful!! I really like trees!!! We put some Bradford Pear trees in our yard when we moved in and I really enjoy watching them grow and especially when they blossom. What a thoughtful anniversary gift!

  3. It looks like the work of japanese beetles.


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