Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday stuff

Cliff's St. Louis sister and her husband are here.  They needed to catch up on some things around their farm here, and they intend to visit Pat's parents.  
Charlene is dieting, and if I cook something she can't have, she eats something else.  She's having great success with losing weight.  Anyhow, I cooked a double batch of Tex-Mex Chicken and rice before they came; it's low-fat and nutritious, and very filling.  Oh, and it warms up well in the microwave.  I knew Cliff and I would be going to the reunion, and I wanted to leave something the visitors could grab and eat that wouldn't break Charlene's diet.  It worked out well for our supper last night, too, since we didn't get home until after 6 PM.  Today Charlene and Pat are working at the farm again, and they took food with them to microwave.  So that will be their lunch.  

I'm pondering supper.  I picked some green beans a while ago, so there's that, and I have a couple of zucchinis I might stir-fry with peppers and onion..  Charlene and Pat may be here for supper, or they may take his parents out to eat; I've decided to fry catfish.  If they aren't here, Cliff and Rena and I will bust a gut eating catfish.  Oh, wait... make that Rena and I, because Cliff is trying to lose weight.  He'll have a moderate portion of catfish.  I should do as he is doing, but I'm not motivated.    

Around here, Rena has a wash hanging on the line; she has to get things done on the weekends because she works all week long.  

She is also getting rid of things in the house she doesn't need, so Cliff has the John Deere sitting there with the bucket-loader for her to put things in.  

Earlier, Cliff was preparing a seed bed for the mixed-pasture-grass seed, which he is right this minute going out to broadcast.  

Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow was grazing when I went to check on her son, who had a slight diarrhea this morning;  Cliff and the brother-in-law wrestled him to the ground and forced a pill down his throat.  There will hopefully be a repeat performance of that tonight.  

The horses were all three lined up watching Cliff at work, and it looked like a perfect shot.  Then Cliff headed toward them and they broke and ran.  Oh well, I tried.  
And now, I'm heading to the kitchen to make some tartar sauce.


  1. Nice pictures, I hope Clyde feels better soon.

  2. MMMMMMM! That fish fry sounds sooooo good! I just might have to go a catch some fish today so I can fry some tonight. lol

  3. I use to get so tired of fish when Danny was alive because he kept our freezer full! But now, after 4 years, I sure do miss those cat can't buy them in the stores..all they have are pond raised.
    love ya,


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