Friday, September 17, 2010

Has this ever happened to you?

It's no big secret that I've gained some weight in the last three or four years; at one point I set out to lose it and then decided I didn't want to deny myself all the food I loved, and I kicked the diet out the door.  
I can honestly say I don't even feel too bad about the weight.  Not nearly as bad as I would if I couldn't have pizza sometimes.  (Don't give me that "moderation" speech; I like LOTS of pizza.)
Meanwhile, I don't buy myself any new jeans, because who wants to buy that size jeans?  I bought two pairs, a couple years back.  They fit.  I wear them when we ride the motorcycle.  When cold weather comes, I'll be wearing sweats a lot, because sweats lie to me and tell me I haven't gained an ounce.  Then there's the fact that they're warm.  But I don't buy more jeans because I keep thinking I'll lose weight and all my old ones will fit.  
Can I get an amen?  I think that's called "wishful thinking".  
We were going to go for a motorcycle ride the other day, so I switched from shorts to jeans.  You can imagine my dismay at finding the jeans were uncomfortably tight.  But by george, I was going to wear them!  I refuse to go up another size.  
Sitting on the motorcycle it wasn't too noticeable, except these jeans were slightly low-riding.  Not extremely low, mind you, but enough so that my belly fat insisted on squeezing up over the top of the jeans.  Because, you know, all that has to go somewhere.  
Then when I'd get off the bike, the legs of the jeans were a little tight until I tugged at them and pulled them down.  I should have been enjoying the ride, but all the time, at the back of my mind, I was wondering how I gained so much weight so quickly!  
We were at home that evening when I starting sorting dirty clothes and found both pairs of jeans that fit properly in the hamper.  The jeans I was wearing had not fit me in two years; I'd dug them out of the bottom of my drawer.  

Whew.  There for awhile I thought I was going to have to lose weight.  What a relief!     


  1. You have me laughing there this morning. I don't diet either. A few years ago I gave in and accepted the fact that I went up a size and packed the old size away. Mind you I didn't give them away but I now have comfortable roomy clothing. I love to eat what I want and thankfully have no health problems that say I need to do otherwise. I love sweats and will be wearing them a lot when it gets cold.

    Glad your two pairs still fit and you don't have to diet. Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your pizza!

  2. nerves0510:11 AM

    This is pretty funny.. I can imagine your relief.

  3. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I hate fat hanging over my jeans or pants..It doesn't feel good. I don't think I want to settle for it so am working to get it off..

  4. That sounds about like me LOL. Helen

  5. LOL!!! I bet that was a relief indeed!!! too funny though. I have 12 pair of capris that I can't wear and refuse to buy any more since these are in perfectly good condition (fact is its been two summers now, but I'm determined to get back into them). My main motivation is with all the medical reports I type, I see the effects of obesity on people's health (and they are getting younger with having heart attacks and strokes) so I thought I better get this weight under control and keep it controlled (and I don't want to be described as obese in a medical report.....)

    loved your story today :)

    enjoy the weekend


  6. Oh my gosh! I laughed and laughed. I am in between 2 sizes. The comfortable ones slide down my backside and tummy . . . the next size down leaves red marks . . . I've lost some weight, but really now.
    Blessings, Penny

  7. LOL! I'll bet it was a relief to find those jeans! I wear a lot of yoga pants for the same reason. They are like sweats, but don't have the elastic around the ankles. Like you, they let me lie to myself and think I haven't gained any weight ;)

  8. I thought you was going to say you had one of your grandkids jeans on. I don't diet either' cause like you I like to eat. I have lost a few pounds because of a health problem but I'm not trying.

  9. That was funny. Jeans look the same when you buy the same kinds.

    Isn't it wonderful to enjoy all the types of food you like and still can squeeze yourself into your old jeans.

    I know lots of my "younger days" pants and jeans are going to Sonny. I have forgotten how small my waist was way, way back then.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. What a relief! I know exactly how that is!

  11. I have done that before.
    It really is a relief to know there is an explanation!

  12. OH! You had me laughing out loud with this one. lol


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