Friday, September 03, 2010

The strangest thing happened this morning

Of course, I forgot to take my camera on our morning walk.  
After I turned Bonnie and Clyde out to pasture around 6 PM, I looked out the window several times to make sure they were in close proximity.  Just as they should be.  
Ten hours later Cliff got up and was finally ready to go for a walk.  OK, maybe it was three hours later.  But who's counting?   
We headed toward the point and saw Bonnie grazing, off to the east.  No sign of Clyde, but I wasn't worried.  
However, when Bonnie saw us she looked all around and realized she didn't know where her baby was.  
So she started bellowing at the top of her lungs and following us on our walk!  She ran and kicked and bawled like an idiot.  
This went on for about ten minutes, with her bawling constantly and Cliff saying, "Get outta here!"  
I guess she wanted us to help find her baby.  After all, I helped her out a few days ago.  But I didn't intend to do it this time.  
About the time we headed down our first steep incline, she suddenly stopped bawling and went running back toward where we had picked her up.  My theory is that her calf heard her call and was answering and she heard him, although I didn't hear him.  
On the way back to the house we saw mother and child joyfully reunited as though nothing had happened.  
Silly cow.


  1. Aren't those cows something the way they take care of their babies. Butter and her baby was seperated by a fence today and she was having a fit.

  2. I can even remember when a mother cow got separated from her baby, she would bawl till that baby came to her. Being on a farm in those days was such hard work, but it was a good life most of the time. Being the youngest of 10 and this being a farm and not a ranch was small enough to enjoy the goose that came parading her babies. I think to me the most fascinating thing I can remember was how quickly a newborn colt or a new born calf was such an experience of joy.


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