Friday, September 10, 2010

What a shock

I just learned, while reading Midlife Mom's blog, that Barn Goddess died.  She used to comment regularly on my blog.  She had pretty much stopped blogging some time ago, and you know how it is:  Out of sight, out of mind.  I'd almost forgotten her.  
She was the mother of two sons, aged sixteen and six, I think.  
She had a thirty-year-old horse she loved dearly; according to what I read on another blog, he was put down shortly after his owner's death.  
Nothing has been said about how this lady died; I am keeping her family in my thoughts.  

Another shock:  I found out on Facebook that a seven- or eight-year-old boy, Garrett Rasa, was killed in a tragic accident at the family's orchard.  This is the orchard we most often patronize; I feel I know Garrett's grandmother, since she is usually the one at the cash register when we buy our apples.  I can't imagine the heartbreak she and the rest of the family must feel.  I know the family needs and would appreciate prayers.  


  1. I'll be praying for both the families. It's hard especially when both were so young.

  2. That is so sad, I am sorry to read of such things happening so young.

  3. So sorry, my prayers have been sent.

  4. Have posted on Call for Support and Silent Keyboards , Donna. I did not know this lady, but found a tribute to which I link on the Silent Keyboards blog.

  5. Wow, some pretty sad events..

  6. I too am just never know eh?
    Truly each day is a blessing!

  7. I am shocked to here about BG. I followed her blog, but because she posts somewhat infrequently, I hadn't thought much about not seeing an entry. Especially in the summer, if an entry doesn't show up in my RSS, I tend to not think about it. I am devastated for the family, especially poor Wee One. First to lose his Mother, then Scooter. So Sad. My thoughts are with the family, she was way too young for them to lose her. I am sure she and Scooter are somewhere together. My heart breaks for them all.

  8. This is so sad...I will pray for both families Donna...
    Don't k now if you followed SUgar's blog, but she hasn't posted since May and I have been worried about her.
    love ya,


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