Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Philadelphia charges $300 to blog

Yes indeed.  I rubbed my eyes and re-read this several times, but that's what it says.  If you are a Philadelphia blogger, you have the choice of paying $300 for a lifetime or $50 a year.  It doesn't matter if your blog only getts a dozen hits per day.  
You can read it for yourself HERE.   

I found this story on "Mo Rage", probably the most liberal blog I follow.  Hey, you can learn from anybody, right?  Every once in awhile I even agree with something I read there.


  1. Wow!! Thank the Lord that some things in life are still free!
    Lisa in Kentucky

  2. That's ridiculous! I hope it's not coming our way. I'm the opposite of you; I rarely agree with any conservative blogs I read. :) Diversity is great, isn't it?

  3. Insane! I assure you I won't be a money making blogger in Philly. ;)
    And you're right, Ms. Donna. We can learn from those who do not share our views. In fact, we can sharpen our convictions in that manner, grow, gain compassion and perspective, and make a few new friends along the way. Kudos, friend.
    p.s. for the record, I'm not a big fan of change either. It actually was sad for me to make the blog switch a reality, but I felt a pull toward doing it so I finally took the plunge. Thanks for sticking with me. Your name is always a welcome sight!

  4. A few months ago when my ISP was having problems and the server was down for a few days I decided to flip through the few channels we have on tv to see if I could find something to watch. I ran across a program on a PBS station where a guy was being interviewed about the future of the internet. According to this guy in a couple of years we'll have to pay for anything we want to view on the internet which he said includes blogging.

    If his predictions are correct I'll have to give up the internet because I simply can't afford to pay extra for everything I view. For goodness sakes I'm still on dial-up because high speed is too expensive.

    I care about the folks I've met while blogging and cherish their friendships because truthfully in real life I'm not a social person. I'll be a basket case if I have to give up friendships because of the almighty dollar filling greedy pockets.

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I don't blog any longer but there are some blogs I would pay to read, so...

  6. Lindie1:10 PM

    well, I have high speed but can't afford to pay to read. That's why I use the library! I don't think I believe that fellow. Sounds like one of those that says California is going to fall into the ocean within the year! They've been saying that for over 50 years.


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