Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Iris makes a friend

Iris has not been "Miss Sociability" since we brought her here to stay, as far as other dogs are concerned.  She attacked my sister-in-law's cute little mini-dachshund; she picked a fight with my daughter's dog, Hawkeye, and made such a point with him that he refused to get out of their pickup for a few visits thereafter.
Iris hasn't been so kind to my granddaughter's mini-pin, either.
The best she's been able to do with other dogs is to act as though they aren't there.  But that's a big improvement, considering how it was when she first arrived.
Adam was here tonight to have his horses shod; he always brings his dog, Cinch, along.
Iris went with me to the mailbox, and there was something in her attitude that seemed as though she wanted to get better acquainted with Cinch.  I let them sniff one another and then brought Iris inside.
Later, Iris was looking out the window and whimpering; I went to see what she was looking at, and it was Cinch, who was in our yard marking his territory.  I decided to let them get together.  Here is Iris, finally making a canine friend.

It actually got a lot better than this, but my camera battery was low, and I thought this was enough to convey what was going on.  Cliff's sister and her husband are coming this weekend, along with their dog, Mindy.  I am hoping Iris finally bonds with her, now that she's learned to play.  


  1. Looks like they are having a ball! Glad she has made a friend and hope there will be many more. Really cute video.

  2. Always amusing to me how our dogs make friends with other dogs!

  3. nerves058:16 AM

    I don't think she's befriended him. I think she's in love with him and if i was a dog i would be to. He's a beautiful dog.

  4. Vicki9:06 AM

    Love is in the air, they are really cute together. I can see why she's attracted to him. Vicki

  5. I have a feeling they werre quite attracted to each other. Funny to watch.

  6. Maybe she recognizes another of her breed? Maybe she is racest. hehehehe. Or should I say breedest. lol

  7. Did you notice how Iris and Cinch favored int heir faces? I think she may have a part of this breed in her..and may know this!
    love ya,

  8. That is so excellent!!


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