Monday, September 06, 2010

Little dabs of garden produce

I strolled out to the garden to see what needed doing.  My first little late crop of green beans had a few beans ready; I went to fetch a bucket, and was rather disheartened when I ended up with only about a double handful, not really enough to do much with.  
Then I checked the zucchini plant; blossom end rot has been a problem, so the only zucchinis available were three or four inches long; cute little things that they were, I picked them.  I was thinking if I got enough stuff, I could stir-fry veggies for supper.  
I found a bell pepper I had missed.  OK, that still didn't seem like enough for a decent stir-fry for two people.  Maybe I should pick an eggplant?  
I've never stir-fried eggplant, but it's OK on the grill.  Surely a little soy sauce wouldn't hurt it.  
Alrighty then; if I add a store-bought onion, this might work.  I certainly hope so.  One thing in the garden of which I have an abundance is okra, but no way am I going to add okra to a stir-fry.  I'm pretty sure bad things would happen.  

I have experimented with cottage-cheese-making a lot this week; the first batch I tried, using only buttermilk as a starter, was my favorite, and Cliff liked it.  The second batch, using rennet, was a total fail, or so I thought. I dumped it into the cheesecloth in the colander, saw no curds had held their shape, and considered it a total waste.  Then Cliff suggested a motorcycle ride; I set the colander atop a pan because it was draining, and forgot about it.  
Back home that evening, I started to toss it; but when I picked it up out of the colander, it seemed like something a person might spread on a cracker.  Or something.  I got a knife and tasted it.  
Not bad.  It's similar to what some people call farmer's cheese, I think.  
I had some a while ago on a piece of celery, and I've decided that if it were salted a little, and perhaps flavored with some onion or garlic powder, it might be really good.  
My dog likes it, too; I know this because I dropped a couple of pieces of it on the floor.  


  1. Not related to anything in particular.. If Bonnie laughs does milk come out of her nose?

  2. No, but some things come out of other places.

  3. My 8yo and I are weird. We love raw green bean and tomato sandwiches with mayo. And I also toss handfuls of raw green beans in our salads as well. Love the photo in spite of your low garden yield.


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