Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How much do you know about religion?

There's this atheist woman who has a a blog.  I would link to her, but since she deletes my comments, I refuse to do that.  She thinks SHE is an outcast?  Well, she rejected me, so I know the feeling.    
She found a quiz that is supposed to tell you how wise you are about religions.  
I took it and got fifteen out of fifteen.  I would have aced this test when I was twenty years old, for pete's sake.  
There are questions about the Muslim religion and the Jewish religion.  This is no problem to me, since I have blogger friends of both faiths.  OK, my Jewish friend isn't all that religious, but still.  I do know when the Jewish Sabbath starts.
There's a question about the Mormon faith.  I am a curious person, and I have googled a lot of queries about Mormons because their beliefs are so different from mine.  I know who founded that religion.
Cliff and I do business from time to time with Hindus.  
It's a small world, after all.
If you want to test yourself on your knowledge of religions, click HERE.  
I don't think you have to be an atheist to ace the test.  


  1. Atheists did better on the religion quiz, but I got 10/10 on the quiz I took and I'm not an atheist. I love learning about different religions; it's very interesting to me. Other people's belief systems in general are fascinating. :)

  2. Margaret, I totally agree. That's why I did so well on this test. I pay attention to the beliefs of other people.

  3. I got 13/15 on this quiz--I missed Jonathan Edwards and the Catholic idea that it becomes the body and blood of Christ. I should have known better on that one. ;)

  4. I had to laugh that she deleted your comments, I guess athesists aren't tolerant. I didn't take the quiz because my computer was taking forever to load it and I'm trying to get through my blog reading before it gets too late. However, I rather have relationship than religion. Religion is full of rules and regulations, relationship is knowing your God, which in my case is the one true One and Jesus who he has sent. I do realize everyone is entitled to their own opinions and faiths so I try to be respectful of what they believe :)


  5. nerves057:36 AM

    Wow i got 11 right.
    I'm proud of myself.
    and a little bit shocked actully. Maybe i know more than i

  6. I just got one wrong about the Taoism. Thought that was pretty good. Irks me that she deletes your comments.

  7. Lindie10:00 AM

    My computer wouldn't advance the questions so I don't know how I would have done. I do remember taking a course in high school on the 7 great religions of the world and seeing that all of them had a version of the Golden Rule. I also got intrigued by polygamy after reading some books about it in my late teens. Starting watching the "Sister Wives" on TLC this week. Another point of view. Not mine, as I guess I am not good at sharing!

  8. Lindie, I'm watching Sister Wives also. I can't abide another woman in my kitchen, but I guess this guy's wives each has her own kitchen. Like you, I am not good at sharing. I also feel anybody who brings so many children into a world like this one is totally irresponsible and maybe a little bit nuts.


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