Saturday, September 11, 2010

The best thing about Facebook

I've seen people get on Facebook for awhile, then leave, saying it isn't of any worth to them, or that it drives them crazy; Cliff still says, "I don't get it," every time he logs on.  
I know the constant game updates from "friends" drives some of them away; they have no way of knowing they could block those games and not have to see them ever again.  
But here's my favorite thing about Facebook:  I'm getting to know relatives that I couldn't have picked out of a crowd until we Facebooked together.  
My cousin, Lela, doesn't have Internet, but her daughters do; I didn't know them before Facebook.  It's the same with my nephew's son's wife, Heather, who occasionally posts an update about her children.  These people don't put a lot of information online, but it's enough so that I'm getting to know them as individuals.  Before this, they were just faces I saw at reunions or get-togethers sometimes.  
Cliff's mom's side of his family has a fish-fry each year after Labor Day, a family reunion of sorts.  I know his dear old aunts, but most of the other people attending this thing were a mystery to me.  You know how it is, attending somebody else's family reunion, right?  Or is it just me?  
Today, I got to know a little more about two of Cliff's cousins.  Not that they reveal much of themselves online, but two of them have been reading my blog (thanks to Facebook), so that gave us a conversation-starter, some sort of common ground.  
I actually had a good time at Cliff's family reunion!  
Now I know a little about these lady's jobs and their lives.  We have a connection.  
Facebook seems like a funny place to get to know your relatives,  but it works for me!


  1. Lindie9:50 PM

    I agree. I get pictures of my relatives families online that I would never get in the mail. I know that one of my nieces is getting married and sent her my mother's wedding and engagement rings.

  2. I kinda go back and forth with fb..It helps for me to just stay off for awhile. I am a Christian woman and have some friends that don't want to hear what I post..It's kind of awkward..

  3. I keep going back to face book but just can not get used to it but I know you are right about catching up with people but Maybe I am just not savvy enough with the computer and I do not like the games but I know it can be useful. Have a good day.

  4. I have reunited with cousins I haven't seen since I was very young. I'm getting to know my east coast nieces and nephews and some of the great-grands as well. Facebook does drive me crazy at times (I know how to block games, etc.), but if I can know my family better I am thrilled. Blessings, Penny

  5. Hi DOnna,
    I saw a lady's name on a couple of facebook friends list and after reading some of her comments, and liking her opinions, I decided to send a friend request...She soon sent me an acceptance and also a message saying look at her phot album named "THE HUNT". I though oh Lord, I don't really want to see some poor deer or any animals,slaughtered..but I took a deep breath and looked at her THE HUNT album...I BELIEVE GOD LEAD ME TO THIS LADY DONNA! That album was full of pictures of my grandbabies!!! It turns out that it was an EASTER EGG HUNT and she is a relative of my grandbabies father!!! You are so rigt..Facebook brings folks together!

  6. Facebook is a great tool for locating and getting to know relatives. It's a place to get to know friends and contact friends you haven't seen in ages. The recent BH Radiology Reunion was organized with the 'help' of FB -- finding & messaging coworkers & friends from years ago.


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