Thursday, June 04, 2009

In answer to a question from a reader

Concerning my garden: "Are you canning or freezing tomatoes and beans?"

I definitely intend to can lots of tomatoes; so many dishes I cook, including most of the low-fat, healthy recipes, require canned tomatoes. Store-bought canned tomatoes are loaded with salt; for a long time I was finding no-salt canned tomatoes at Walmart for the same price as the others. Lately none of the Walmart stores are carrying them.

If the sweet peppers do well, I'll chop lots of them and freeze them; the same recipes that require tomatoes often call for peppers also. Chili, for instance, which we probably have at least once a week in winter. And jambalaya.

If I feel like it, I may can or freeze some green beans. At this stage of my life, if it doesn't feel like fun, I don't want to do it. It seems like my knees protest the most when I'm doing lots of standing in the kitchen or garden.

Remember the herbs I moved from the house to the yard? Some of them died, and the others were so ugly that I bade them goodbye. I do intend to have some herbs next year, but I won't be starting them in the house, and I'll find a different spot for them than the one I chose this year.

I went on a flower-ordering frenzy this spring. When they arrived, however, I didn't make note of what variety any of them were. So I have flowers about to bloom, but I don't know their identity. I do remember which ones are Astilbes, and those are just starting to strut their stuff.


Meadowlark said...

I had my first canning project yesterday - Sunshine jam!!!

I'm hoping this year I can work my way up to tomatoes. Although I did can beef stew last year. Tomatoes scare me a bit.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you can get alot of those tomatoes done. They do make everything taste so much better. I cannot stand for long periods of time anymore either so I just sit at the kitchen table and do alot of things like peeling potatoes or cutting up things for salad etc. I gave up canning and gardens years ago but I do remember how good it was. Sorry your herbs didn't do well. If you can find them yet at a local garden place it's not too late to start them. Many will carry over to next year too. We have planted some in a container at the campground and I'll be interested to see if the chives and the oregano winter over out doors in a container. They are doing well right now and seem to love the container I put them in.
'On Ya'-ma

Midlife Mom said...

The site name is Musings Of A Housewife. Thanks for asking, I should have put that in the post!

So sorry to hear that Blue foundered. Been there too many times myself with Buddy. It sounds like you got it early enough thankfully. Did you have to soak his feet in cold water? That was the drill here and I had to do it three times per day for weeks. It was dreadful but he foundered really bad so had to be done.

I finally got most of my veggies put in the ground this morning. The black flies about lugged me off but I got the task done. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get a frost!

Lindie said...

If you can find herbs some of them can stil be planted. Not cilantro or those that bolt early. My thyme and chives survived the winter. Last fall I picked rosemary, chives, and thyme and just froze them in ziplocks and used them all winter. Just as good as fresh. My basil I made into a pesto and used too.