Sunday, June 28, 2009

garden report

By this time next week, I'll bet we have all the grape tomatoes we want. Hmmm, I see a really red one in back that I didn't notice as I was taking the picture.

I actually found a cucumber that was about three times this size, later. I ate it.

This is a baby butternut squash. So far I've been successful at keeping the squash bugs away from my viney crops.

The bush cantaloupe plants have an amazing number of blooms.

This is my accidental sweet potato vine that I happened to notice on the end of a sweet potato I kept around too long before baking it.


Rachel said...

your garden is looking great!!

Hollie said...

Everything looks very promising!

Helen said...

Those veggies are looking good. I hope you get some sweet potatoes from that vine. Helen

Lindie said...

I have one cherry tomato that is almost ready to pick. Mostly though I have just been using my fresh herbs.

Fernan said...

I do like your garden report.

Terri said...

Everything looks wonderful!

I really would like to have a small garden someday..

Enjoy your goodies!