Friday, June 26, 2009

One thing and another

I'm sitting at my computer eating what's left of the expensive red sweet pepper I bought in order to make borscht yesterday. If I had it to do over again, good as this raw pepper tastes, I would simply put the whole thing in the soup... diced, of course.

Cliff's sister, Rena, is having windows put in our old house today. We had a few installed several years ago, and she wanted the rest done. I can see her point: the old ones are difficult to open and close, and they let in a lot of drafts. Because the men will be in and out of her house a lot today, her dog, Angel, is here with me.

Angel has a tendency to overeat, so Rena rations her Science Diet dog food. I put Sadie's dog food up when Angel visits, if there's very much in the dish. It's the strangest thing: the two dogs eat exactly the same kind of dog food; and yet, although Angel might have already had breakfast at home, she will try to eat her weight in Sadie's dog food. Why does she think Sadie's is so special? Does she think she'd getting away with something? What I'd give, sometimes, to read the mind of animals.

I told Rena we have borscht to eat for lunch, so we'll get her opinion of the Russian dish, along with Cliff's; Meesha says it's better the second and third days, but I've found that to be the case with all soups. I ate so much last night I could barely breath. I would be having it for breakfast, but I bought some strawberries yesterday; so I'm having Mini-Spooners with strawberries.

My other sister-in-law, Charlene, called last night to see if anything was wrong, because I skipped a day of posting on my blog. Sheesh. I told her to sign up for Facebook and she'll see brief snippets from me on days I don't post (those days are rare indeed).

It seems everyone is blogging less, and reading fewer blogs too. I know I'm not getting around to everybody: I do a speed-read thing on Google Reader, but the only time I go to the actual blog is when I wish to comment.

I still love Pioneer Woman, but I don't read all of Ree's posts. There's some connection missing when you know the person whose blog you're reading is never going to visit your own blog. And who wants to leave a comment that will get lost amongst the hundreds of comments she gets on each post? Still, if I were listing my favorite blogs, she and Sister Mary Martha would be at the top of the list. And by the way, Sister Mary Martha doesn't get that many comments, so you're sure to be noticed there, if you have something to say.

Lone Star Concerto would be in my top ten, too; although he doesn't post often enough to really be listed, and is always threatening to throw in the towel.

So there you have it: one of those entries in which I had nothing to say and took my sweet time saying it. But at least somebody in St. Louis will know I'm alive and well.


Amy said...

My nephew's mini-dox cruises the dog food bowls here, too, when it's feeding time. Somebody might have an extra goodie, you know...

Midlife Mom said...

Skipper my little rescue pony does the same thing. He checks out everyone's grain dish when I let them out to see if there is a speck left that he can scarf down. I think it comes from his years of not having enough to eat.

Yes, I am finding people are commenting less. I hope it's just a summer thing as I really enjoy the comments. I too like Pioneer Woman but never leave a comment there. Well, just once when I thought her kids should be wearing riding helmets. I still think they should but I guess she didn't pay much attention to what I had to say on the subject as they still ride without them. lol!

Bookncoffee said...

Gosh, I don't even know what kind of dish that is. Borscht. Sounds like a curse word. ha. I'll have to check it out.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Although the comments I do get are choice, or cherce as Archie Bunker used to say.

I really have enjoyed reading about the calf.