Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting my husband up-to-date

I have several relatives on Facebook. Sometimes those brief sentences they type in are priceless: Cliff's nephews talking about their jobs, for instance. My son, uploading a video of his fast car at the drag race (is that what you call it, Jim?).

Sometimes things aren't so priceless: Cliff's brother's wife, for instance, tells us that her sister's cancer is back, and that she's in extreme pain (prayers would be appreciated on her behalf, by the way... her name is Carol).

Cliff gets on the computer quite a bit these days, and I decided he needs a facebook account. He won't be typing anything in, but he will be watching for those updates from family members. I fixed his profile for him, and he approved it.

Everything's up-to-date in Kansas City. And surrounding areas, as well.


Amy said...

I keep telling Jesse he needs one. All of HIS friends have to send him messages through mine.

Midlife Mom said...

Will put Carol on my prayer list.

Fernan said...

I'll be off topic likely... So be it... I ever get totally organized I'll be in some real trouble then.

See you've more company, big boarders looks to me and still growing. They'll add a bit more color to the pastures sure. Enjoy.

Frieda's calling me all manner of names these Summer day's. The "Sheik of Ara Bee" most recently for all the get-ups I'm wearing avoiding the sun's rays.

My bloody hand and wrist just another Shorthorn country hazard putting the bulls pen back together again a couple days ago. No snags, having to take brown jersey glove off, got just a few scraps on some rusty wire re-fixing it to a corner fence post.

Does Doc know? Yes. I've shown him some my older more aged original scabs. Just shows how farming continues to run in the red for a lot of us.


Tawnya said...

I am on Facebook as well. I will be sending prayers for Carol right away!! Maybe I will see you there!

Celeste said...

Well Cliff is just getting all modern on us now! Prayers for Carol