Monday, June 22, 2009

A strange motorcycle, and a strange storm

After Charlene and Pat left us yesterday, we stopped to gas up and saw a different kind of bike.

"Is that a motorcycle?" I asked the couple. (Click on any of these pictures to make them larger.)

The lady answered in the affirmative, and I took some time to look the thing over. It's a trike disguised as a car! Legally, they have to wear helmets because Missouri demands that bikers wear helmets.

See? Handlebars. This is a motorcycle that three people could ride, though.

It has a Chevy engine with a Harley front end; the Harley people won't work on it, though.

It's called "Ecstasy"; all Google searches on that name lead nowhere, so I'm assuming it is no longer being built.

We're having the strangest rainstorm right now. An hour ago I was strolling outside looking at my flowers beneath blue skies. After I came in, I began hearing distant thunder. Turning on the TV, I saw that south-eastern Jackson Country has this tiny storm system going on. We soon lost our Dish signal, and next thing you know the skies opened up and we had a downpour, along with some strong winds. It's about over now.

This is the same kind of pop-up storm that caught us on the motorcycle both Saturday and Sunday. Weird, but part of living in Missouri.

Oh, and we got a half-inch of rain in about thirty minutes.


Pamela said...

That is a strange looking vehicle. Never saw one like that.

Danny said...

I saw a whole line of those things last summer. My favorite was a flat black one with a one legged biker in it. A bumper sticker on the back sad "Crippled Old Baster Bikers".

That same storm knocked our power out this morning. Thankfully it passed before I left for work. I didn't get 5 blocks before I was on dry streets. Probably the strangest little storm I have seen.

Hyperblogal said...

Just from my point of view... you can call a turkey a giraffe... but good luck convincing other folks.

Bookncoffee said...

Wow that is a neat machine!

Looks like we could have rain now as my computer icon has a lightening bolt. Well, I've been cooped up in my office with no window now for 4.5 hours so I'm going to go peek outside. I bet I won't stay long as it is 97 degrees. hhhhhot.