Friday, June 12, 2009

morning musings

One of the priceless features of our location out behind the barn is the view from my computer room; I turn my head to the left and this is what I see; you can tell from the curve of the earth that we are on one of the highest spots around, although there's really no distant view due to surrounding trees.

The goldfinches aren't awake yet, and I understand they'll soon be leaving to raise families anyhow. But I certainly enjoy them while they're here. My daughter gave me the birdbath you see here because she had two of them. It gets plenty of traffic. The finches only use it for drinking, but robins and sparrows bathe in it often. And I finally saw a pair of bluebirds taking turns bathing there the other day. Bluebirds were my original reason for wanting a birdbath; I read that they are attracted to them.

I like looking across our hay meadow and seeing the woods in the distance. If I so desired, I could walk back there in five minutes.

At the old house, there was nowhere to cast my eyes that didn't remind me of how close my neighbors live and how cluttered most of their yards are with junk; I will never take my view here for granted.

A goldfinch is awake and eating outside my window now, and I thank the Lord I have this day to watch them; they haven't flown away yet.

Now my mind wanders.

As I travel around the countryside with Cliff, I can't help but wonder what led pioneers to set down roots in a particular spot. I understand why the original residents of the country, the Indians, chose certain places: they needed plenty of game, a source of water, and a safe place to set up their teepees.

But the pioneers were mostly farmers. When they headed west with a certain destination in mind, surely they were looking for reasonably level land and fertile soil. Unless, of course, they were part of the gold rush; that's a whole different story.

When I'm in the Ozarks of south Missouri and Arkansas, I try to figure out who the original settlers were, and why they would choose for their home a hilly place where the soil was more rocks than dirt. It's beautiful there, yes. But beauty doesn't put food on the table. I wonder if perhaps their Conestoga wagons just happened to break down in that spot, and they had no choice but to stay because they were out of funds.

So much for that musing.

I'll leave you with these shots: My husband and son driving up the driveway...

... and back. Notice there is no muffler on the Oliver now. They like the whistling sound the turbo makes without the muffler. So they can be seen going up and down, back and forth, just to hear that mighty sound.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved your musings today! You have blessings abounding all around you for sure. Your men and their new toy is too funny. Who'd think you could get so much pleasure out of a tractor. Each to his own they say. 'On Ya'-ma

Tara said...

I envy your grass and tractor! While I have some pretty awesome views of the mountains, nothing compares to the green, green grass of the south!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I often wonder the same things when I wander historical areas or just our rural area. Wishing I could go back 200 years and see what things were like back then.

Helen said...

You have a wonder view and such a nice place to live. Imagine riding a tractor just to hear the sound it makes. Helen

Midlife Mom said...

Tthe goldfinches must come here to nest because we have lots of them in the summertime. The chickadees have gone further north, they were here in abundance all winter. I miss them. You have a wonderful view, I like my view here but would love to have more pasture or hay fields. Maybe it wouldn't be so buggy if we didn't have so many trees. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

Marlene said...


Muhd Imran said...

Wide open spaces and lots of greenery. Loving family and lots of fun. Paradise.

Carlene Noggle said...

Your most wonderful blessings are up there on that tractor :-)
I am happy that you love your new home place Mosie...

Faye said...

There was a very short period in our marriage that we were without a diesel truck. While I was driving, a truck pulled beside me and when I heard that turbo whistle I felt an acute knot in my stomach for fear that the sound was gone from my life forever. Thankfully, now I can have "turbo sound" anytime I want.