Monday, June 01, 2009


Almost every day I check my Sitemeter to see exactly what leads people to this blog. Occasionally I'd notice that someone arrived here by typing "Just me Donna" into a search engine by the name of "Swaqbucks". This morning it was a reader who showed up as being in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

So I googled this Swaqbucks thing. I mistook the "q" for a "g", but Mr. Google corrected my spelling and I found what I was looking for HERE.

Apparently it's a search engine powered by Google and that rewards a person with points when they do an Internet search. Hey, I signed up. I probably use a search engine at least twenty times a day.

Do any of you, my readers, care to leave a comment telling me your experience with Swaqbucks? Am I the only one who had not heard of this?

Come on, my reader in North Carolina: Share some information with the world! Have you received enough points to redeem yet?


Unknown said...

I'm on there. I've got 47 points. I'm hoping to get a Starbucks gift card eventually!

Midlife Mom said...

Sorry Donna, I've never heard of it but that's not surprising because I don't even know how to twitter! :o)

Marlene said...

Now, I checked out that Swagbucks and it just looks to complicated and time consuming so I chucked it. Someday I will have all the time in the world to really check out good things.

Anonymous said...

Hey from your NC reader. I've only been doing swagbucks (it is a 'G' not a 'Q') for about a month and I have 56 points. You redeem your points for gift cards. Since you have a blog, you could do a link and if anyone joined through your link you could win points every time they win points. The link also works on facebook. I usually win at least 1 or 2 points every day just for searching. There's also a facebook page that gives you hidden codes you can find to earn additional points, I haven't tried that yet.

This will probably come up anonymous - I can never get my google account to work.