Sunday, July 06, 2008

So, what's my horse, Blue, been doing?

He gave granddaughter Lyndsay several rides this week.

We made thirty people stop celebrating the Fourth for twenty or thirty minutes so he could give Mercedes a ride.

The day after the Fourth, he gave Erin (age 12) a ride.

She handled him so well in the round pen that I let her ride him in the small pasture.

Then he gave Erin's older sister, Heather (age 14... almost), her first horseback ride.

Finally, ten-year-old Mikey had HIS first ride.

Heather, Erin, and Mikey are Cliff's sister's grandchildren.

I love my horse.


  1. They all looked very happy riding Blue.

    The first time riding experience was great for anyone. I remember mine and so did Wifey and Sonny when we got to ride a horse somewhere around Lake Tahoe.

    Riding in great open pastures is definitely a wonderful experience.

    Blue seems to be a great horse.

    Happy 4th July!

  2. Anonymous6:21 AM

    bless blue's heart.....:)

  3. What a good boy Blue! Now that's my kind of horse, one that you can put a kid on and he doesn't take off like he was stung by a bee. A good honest horse my grandfather would say. Yep, a good honest horse!

  4. Blue looks like a one in a million!! What a fabulous day!


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