Saturday, July 12, 2008

More on my blue canning jars

Some research on the Internet has led me to believe the jars pictured in my previous entry were made between 1923 and 1933.

This goes along with a story my mother often told me.

Mother acquired a lovely little girl (around four years old, I believe, at the time) when she and my father married in 1932: my half-sister, Maxine, whose mother had died giving birth to our brother.

Someone asked Maxine if she was getting plenty to eat now that she had a step-mother (she called Mother her "foot-mama" at first).

"Oh, I should say we do!" Maxine reportedly replied with great enthusiasm. And then she started naming all the individual things they had been eating, including many canned goods given to them by my maternal grandma as sort of a wedding gift... peaches, green beans, jam, and so forth.

I like to think these old jars are the ones Grandma gave to my parents, full of things so delicious that the flavors and abundance amazed a little girl who had been without a mother for a while.


  1. According to the dating guide on that website, my blue Ball Ideal mason jar, with bail and glass lid, is from 1923-1933.

    And I have my Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason jar right in front of me, and it's exactly like yours! The code on the bottom is H with an A in the bottom of it (I think that stands for Anchor Hocking, but I could be wrong about that part)a 7 and a B. I'd like to know how old those are too.

  2. Following the links you sent me, best I can determine, all Atlas strong shoulder mason jars were made in the 1920's. I didn't find a value for those, but my Ball Ideal jar is worth $15-$50 depending on condition and how bad a collector wants it. ;o)

  3. Well, now I gotta go dig out alla them old jars to satisfy my curiosity. I'm fairly certain they're newer than yours though as my Aunt went through a lotta jars over the years.

    I also dislike Wal*Mart, but it seems that most stuff is made elsewhere these days. You might try looking here if you're interested, although the variety is rather limited.

  4. I forgot to mention how much I love old stories that've been passed down:)

  5. It drives me crazy that Grandma wrote across the front of all the old pictures. At least you know who the people are, but couldn't she have written on the back?

  6. Love these posts on the Mason jars! That's quite a history, I couldn't part with them either.

  7. That is wonderful news.

    You also have pictures of her. That is priceless.

    These are the things so nostalgic and with such significance to have them kept always with the family. So many memories passed down. Wonderful memories.

  8. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Finally-- people who understand my jar obsession! I cannot begin to tell you how many jars that I have. AT one point my family complained that if there were to be a tornado, we would all have to die because the cellar is full of jars.....
    Most of jars were given to me but I have picked up a few interesting ones at yard sales,etc.

    I love the bubbles and flaws and waves in the glass. I have built a shelf all the way around the top of the dining room wall to display my favorites. Its getting pretty heavy....
    Tana Mc
    ( I can't remember my password so I am anonymous)

  9. I have a few of the old jars too Donna. Some made in the 40's I still use. The ones w/ the glass top and bail lock I just put up to look at.If I could find the rubber rings for then I would make preserves in them,They have bubbles and slightly off kilter, but I love them.
    I'm happy you have such good photo's
    too.It does help to date the jars also. I love her banana curls.very pretty.
    God bless, Donna

  10. Hi Donna
    I just clicked on your name at Country Doctor's Wife. Just love her blog!

    I'm in Missouri, too. I'd love for you to stop by my blogs. My main blog is Back Porch Musings, it's listed 2nd on my profile. I'm celebrating my 200th post with a little giveaway. If you have a minute, come on over and sign up.

    My other blog Snapshots from the Backporch is for my photos.

    I love your blue jar post. I have some of those, too. Some with zinc lids.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Back Porch Musings

  11. And treasures with stories like this attached are pearls without price!

  12. Anonymous6:49 AM

    I reciently aquired some Ball Mason Jars, blue, with the zinc lid, and am looking for links to help determine their age. So far, not much luck. Any ideas where to start?

    The numbers on the bottoms are 7,2,6,10, & 0 Not sure how much these are even worth. Going to try and look more into it today if I can.




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