Thursday, July 24, 2008

My cabin

My original reasons for wanting a cabin in our woods were these:

I like to camp out; Cliff does not.

I wanted someplace to escape the feeling that there were always eyes on me; no matter where I went in our old yard, somebody was lurking. I said many times, "I may as well live in the city!"

I wanted my dog to be able to sleep on my bed sometimes.

I love the woods.

I enjoy a campfire.

So, Cliff kindly rebuilt a discarded pool house someone had given us years ago, and there was my cabin. I used it almost once a week, the first summer.

The next summer, Cliff was recovering from CABG surgery (heart bypass) and I really didn't want to sleep anywhere but beside him.

Last year I went to the cabin perhaps half a dozen times.

Originally I had visions of cooking breakfast and making campfire coffee. In reality, though, I found it preferable to walk to the house, once I awoke in the morning, and have some really good coffee. The only cooking I did at the cabin, as it turns out, was to put hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick and roast them.

Still, when the crowds closed in on me, I loved having my retreat. Cliff built me a crude outhouse there, but I usually ended up "going" on the grass. That's because I rather feared what might be lurking in the outhouse after dark.

This year, I've spent exactly two nights at the cabin, and here we are at mid-summer.

The thing is, now that we're in the mobile home, I'm not overrun with kids and dogs and noisy motorcycles. I seldom see any dogs here except for Sadie, and I can barely hear the idiot on the four-wheeler who used to grate on my last nerve.

Oh, and I bought a fire pit, so I can have a campfire right here at the house if I so desire.

Tuesday evening I decided Sadie and I would sleep at the cabin. We went back around 7 P.M., and I started a nice bonfire before I inflated the air mattress. I ate supper at the house, so there was no food this time.

Notice the grass grown up in my fire ring.

Sadie played with a young toad for over an hour.

It's still relaxing back there, and enjoyable. I went to sleep to the music of frogs and cicadas, with my dog beside me.

I believe I'll keep the cabin, even if I only use it three or four times a year.


  1. I'm too chicken to sleep out in a cabin alone. I don't have a dog and my cats would probably prefer the foot of my bed in the house! ha! You keep that cabin even if you only stay in it ONE night a year! What was Sadie trying to catch???

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Hi! I see we have three things in common. 1. We both are readers of Pat's blog BACK PORCH MUSINGS 2. We are Missourians (I live in Independence) and 3. our husbands have both had by-passes! Small world! I enjoyed visiting your blog--you have more guts than I do to sleep in a cabin by yourself! I do think that's great that you can do that when you feel like it! It was nice to meet you!

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  4. Hey,

    I have been playing catch-up with blog reading. I am always amazed at what I read here. From special places, fire rings and husbands that can't have fun if there is a chore to be done, it seems that we have a lot in common. I love that you take pictures of the everyday things in life and doccument them. They are the most important photographs we take, I think. I was struck by your barn comments. If I had the time, I think I would go around and do a book of pictures about barns which would include the old, the caving in and the new. Barns are both beautiful and tragic reminders of times past and cultures lost in a way. I have a photographer's soul but not the talent, equipment and time to do the job. BTW, I loved your tribute to Maxine. I also know what you mean about our conditions being nothing to whine about.

    I am hoping that my life will settle down to where I don't have to play catch-up and I can just read along daily. Have a good week.

    6:34 AM

  5. With gas prices the way they are the cabin makes sense--you have a vacation home that requires little maintenance and no vehicle travel required. I think it is so awesome you have this.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. I just love you Cabin. I love to camp,roast Marshmellows and all that stuff...So does my hubby. Keep you Cabin. I really liked the your dog and the frog. Cute

  7. oh definatly keep the cabin. I use the boys tree fort sometimes....trap door, and two phone!!

  8. oh definatly keep the cabin. I use the boys tree fort sometimes....trap door, and two phone!!

  9. Tyler told me the other day that he wanted to go live in the woods and he wanted a pet cow. I instantly thought of you. Would you be willing to lend your cabin to my 6 year old for a night or two? Ha!

  10. I covet the cabin Donna, not gonna lie. Wow that is VERY cool. Very. xo


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