Thursday, July 03, 2008

family time

Our son, from Georgia, has been here since last Saturday, and will stay until Sunday morning. He and Cliff have spent lots of quality time in Cliff's shop, doing chores that they both seem to enjoy. We're babysitting Cliff's sister's hubby's Mahindra tractor, so Cliff and Jim have replaced its vital fluids and walked around the beast, admiring it's bulk and power. Yesterday, with rain coming toward us, Cliff washed it until the red paint positively shone. He washed the Sidewinder mower, too. My youngest granddaughter stepped in some mud made by the half-inch of rain that was supposed to go north of us, so Cliff told her to toss them in a bucket so he could wash them. The girl has half-a-dozen pairs of shoes here; I'm sure she has more at home. Can you see the granddaughter in this picture? This mobile home has three bedrooms, but I turned one into my computer room. Our couch makes a bed, but we found that Lyndsay is awakened easily once we're all awake chatting around her. So I put an air mattress in the computer room floor for her and whoever is staying the night with her. Anyway, Lyndsay is actually on the floor between the mattress and the bookcase. See?

Oh, last night we got more rain. A full inch, this time. I wish I could share with someone who needs it.

Lyndsay has been riding Blue in the round pen; she's quite the cowgirl. To see a video of her riding, click HERE.


  1. Tyler would always do that too. Put him in bed...even watch him fall asleep. But sometime during the night he would end up on the floor. Every night. So we finally just rolled with it and made him a nest on the floor. :-)

  2. We once searched every where for our daughter fearing the worst! I had put her to bed and she wasn't there when I checked on her later. It seems she had gone downstairs to a guest room and was asleep under a wrinkle in the covers and we didn't see her!! We have had more than our share of the rain lately and I wish I could send some to the California fire victims.

  3. It rained last night here.... but it is still dry.
    I love the picture of Lyndsay riding!!! Oh the confidence she is gaining from this.Straight from a pony to a full sized horse, at her age. You can't beat that. I'm impressed.
    As for sleeping behind the bed(LOL),
    I think all kids do sometimes.
    The guys with the tractor are funny.Men and their toys..are the same everywhere.
    Have a safe and Happy 4th. God bless. From the other Donna


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