Thursday, July 10, 2008

going to the dogs, and motorcycle riding

I realize my posts have been rather disconnected lately, but that's life.

Cliff and I have been taking daily walks in our pasture for three years or so; in fact, it was those walks in the pasture that were causing Cliff to have angina, which got him to the doctor in time for his life to be saved by a four-way bypass. His sister, Rena, is living next door now, and she's started taking walks with us. She has a tiny miniature dachshund, Angel, who keeps up with us in spite of her short legs.

Our daughter and her husband are working long hours this week, so they dropped their dog, Hawkeye, off this morning. He walked with us also. Hawkeye and Angel have no idea what the big deal is about those sticks we throw for Sadie, but they sometimes make an attempt to get the stick, just in case it's a chewie of some sort.

In this shot, they all seem to be taking stock of the area. This is right behind my cabin.

I informed Cliff last weekend that we absolutely must make riding our Gold Wing a priority; it's been sitting idle much too often, what with our moving and then all the rain we've had. I have resolved that we shall ride at least once a week. Cliff agrees, and says I'm the best wife ever.

We had errands in four different towns: Oak Grove, Odessa, Higginsville, and Richmond. None of these towns are on the way to any of the others, but we decided to make it a nice, leisurely ride and covered them all.

Notice Cliff's name on the bike. Our errand in Odessa was to get our names on the Wing: Cliff's name is on the left; mine is on the right side.

I don't know if you can see him when you click on the picture to make it larger, but he's in the shelter in the background.

We took a picnic lunch, which we ate at a city park in Richmond. We were gone four hours, and came home relaxed and refreshed and in time for Cliff to head to work. Bummer, eh? He's used all his vacation and sick days but 3, so he has no choice but to keep his nose to the grindstone until November, when he gets ten more days.

They're talking about going to four-day workweeks where he's employed; we're hoping and praying this happens, because we'd have three-day weekends every week. It sounds too good to be true.

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