Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy, busy

When Cliff mowed the clover/grass hay, there were chances of rain forecast for almost every day. He decided to go ahead with mowing and hope for the best. No rain came, and he got the hay baled yesterday. The good thing about big bales of hay is that he moves them with the tractor: No tedious loading little square bales onto a wagon, then unloading them in the barn, in 90 degree heat.

Here's just one thing I love about living in the pasture: I can watch the haying process from the comfort of my air conditioning. Once Cliff puts up the bales, I have a clear view of the point where the horses often graze.

The horses aren't interested in hay now, but it'll look good to them this winter. We have more than we need, so we'll be selling some.

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  1. I remember well those little(?) hay bales and stacking them on the truck and then in the barns. Hard work, but happy folks and great memories.


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