Monday, July 21, 2008

We rode the Gold Wing today.

Because of all our moving and improving the place this year, we've not been taking enough time to ride our Gold Wing. A couple of weeks ago, I informed Cliff that we are going to make it a priority to get at least one good ride in every week.

Unfortunately, it was time for Cliff to mow, cure, rake and bale two different hayfields, so we weren't able to carry out our intentions. This week I decided to get our ride in early, before some task comes along to steal away our fun.

Cliff is the type person who can't stand to be having fun if there's something he should be doing at home... except when he's on the motorcycle. That seems to be the one thing he can actually let himself enjoy; in fact, riding is a tension-reducer for him, and I can feel his cares float away as we ride.

When we left home, we didn't have a specific goal in mind; but I suggested we go across the river to Richmond, Missouri, and take any blacktop going east or west out of town. Actually we went on through the town to a road we've been on before in the car when we were going after sheet metal at a place run by Mennonites; but we'd never gone past that location.

We went through the town of Cowgill, which seems to be on its last legs; and then through Braymer, taking back roads all the way. We love the country blacktops: There's little traffic to contend with, so we can go at our own pace and enjoy the views.

These faded old falling-down barns are almost a thing of the past. Most of them have caved in and disappeared.

Any time Cliff sees a tractor for sale, he slows down enough to see what model it is. He isn't shopping for a tractor, it's just a fascination of his. He decided this was a nice one.

Coming back through Richmond we found a nice place for our usual picnic: a can of sardines, carrot sticks, crackers, a banana, and a Diet Coke. The day was heating up pretty fast, but there was nice shade and a cool breeze in the park.

This airplane is displayed in the park. I don't know what its significance is.

By the time we got home at 12:30, it was getting too hot for riding. As I came inside the house, once again I thanked God for my air conditioning. As I type this, it's 95 degrees outside.


  1. I think if you were riding now, you may come out looking like bacon.Well done and brown.LOL
    I'm glad ya'll got to go.Early mornings are not too hot.But after that, just too hot!!! The picnic sounds like fun,if water is close even better.
    I hope for a cooler week ahead.But forecaster says no way.It is usually August before it gets this hot. My chickens are taking bathes in their water!!! Now that is hot!!!
    God bless and keep you.

  2. Glad you got a chance to get out on the Gold Wing. If Cliff is anything like my Hubby it is hard to get them to relax. I was surprised when he wanted to go to the coast for a date day, but was glad as we had a great time. These men need to relax!
    Glad you are enjoying your wall hanging. Makes me feel good. I have been awful this summer, just haven't done hardly any sewing at all. Just too much yard and barn work to do in the summer. I did start a cute winter one and may work on that a bit today as it's rather overcast and looks like it might rain. Come fall I will get back into the routine again and spend many hours in front of my sewing machine.

  3. Next time your that close to us...Stop by. What did you think of our new side walks up town or did you just go through Richmond to B hwy. or K hwy. to Cowgill(all that area you were in is where a lot of our family live) Tractor looks like the one I saw at Polo not to long ago. You had your lunch in the park where Mike and I were married (shelter house by plane).As for the plane we're not sure of it either. If you remember where 2E lived when she lived in Richmond we're just 2 doors over on the street going out to the lake.

    Sounds like you two had a great day. I really mean it when I say stop by, come up on the porch and set a spell.


  4. Sitting on the back of the bike I can forget everything. We rode Sunday evening. It helped ease the tension of the day.


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