Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mixed feelings about Wal-mart

Flipping channels a couple days ago, I happened upon a movie telling what's wrong with Wal-mart.

The movie has torn me in two.

See, with the money crunch we're all experiencing, I go to Wal-mart because they have the cheapest prices, by far.

But after seeing how they treat their employees, I wish I were rich enough to shop elsewhere.

The pitiful economy has made me a slave to Wal-Mart; I hate that idea.

Now, the part about all their goods being manufactured in China doesn't bother me so much, because I worked at Kohl's Distribution Center for almost five years. So I realize that the stuff most retailers sell originates in China; don't blame Wal-Mart for that.

But seeing that movie certainly put a bad taste in my mouth.

And yet, where else will I get $4 prescriptions?

I hate being in a position like this.

At least I guess I could drop Sam's Club and switch to Costco; do you suppose that will make a difference?


  1. Love Costco! They treat yheir employees well.

  2. I dislike Wally World too and go there as infrequently as possible. I'm sure they could care less whether I shop there or not but it makes me feel better.

  3. Costco does treat their employees ans suppliers better. Their beginning wage is over $11 an hour.

    As for the prescriptions, the ones they offer for $4 are generic and should cost about that much anywhere you go. Other stores out here are jumping on that band wagon out here, Kroeger, Fred Meyer. Spend a few minutes on the phone with a pharmacy and see what deals are out there. Some mail order pharmacies have great deals and you get a three month supply.

  4. I found you on Dish with China, I hope you don't mind my commenting.

    I'll keep my opinions of Walmart to myself (you do what you've got to do, in my opinion), but I recently found out that Walgreens has a perscription plan where for $20 per year you can get a 3 month supply of generic drugs for only $12.99...a little more than the $4, but not too bad.

    good luck to you!


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