Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourwheelers and fireworks, oh my!

If you didn't know our family was totally redneck before, all it would take is one Independence Day spent with us, and you'd be convinced.
There's always something to ride. That's our nephew Scotty, who hauls kids and adults around our pasture all day long when he's here, posing with our son Jim.

I think this was trip number one-hundred-one.

This is the Mercedes, the daughter of one of Cliff's second cousins. She was the only one privileged to ride Blue yesterday, since the ride required that we stop all four-wheelers and silence the fireworks while she was on him. Blue is a reliable nag, but he isn't fond of having somebody riding him when there's a lot of strange noise. Anyway, the girl explained that she really had wanted to spend the night with a couple of friends, but her grandma promised her she could ride Blue if she came to our house. Oh, Cliff bought me a new Radio Flyer for my birthday, which is coming up soon. Why, you ask, would a 64-year-old woman want a little red wagon? Well, I moved about half our belongings in the old wagon when we relocated to the mobile home; and I often need a way to transport things to the cabin and back. By the way, my butt is way too big to fit in the wagon, but I had to have one picture of me in the wagon.


  1. My mother has a little red wagon as well. She uses it for moving dirt, all kinds of things. She loves it!

  2. LOL, I graduated to a wheelbarrow to haul my but and other things around in!!!!But... you are right.IT is easier to pull a load than to push it.
    I wish I had a gator like your nephews. It would be great to take berry pickin and plum pickin.
    Hope ya'll have a good weekend.God bless, Donna

  3. Looks like a nice family time and loads of fun!

  4. Donna you are too cute. I wish my butt could fit in one of those wagons as well as yours did. Ha!

  5. I have a red wagon too!! I haul my plants around in it when I am setting them out. I wouldn't even try to fit my butt into it, I would never get it out especially after all the food this weekend!!

  6. Your place is one happening spot this Independence Day!

    Everybody is so happy there! Family bond is such a wonderful gift that has to be worked at all the time and not taken for granted.

    Happy Birthday to You, friend!

    Happy 4th July!


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