Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday pictures

I rode Blue to the little town to the west for a nice view of the Missouri River.

This elevator, about which I've blogged before, is now somebody's weekend hangout. We used to get all our livestock feed there.

On the way home that little girl hollered and asked why I was riding my horse.

"Because I like to ride," I told her, and crossed to their side of the road so they could pet Blue's nose.

Cliff is riding the grandson's dirt bike. It doesn't have a seat yet, and the guys tell me it's quite uncomfortable. When the grandson bought the bike from Craigslist, it wasn't running. He has a buddy who is quite knowledgeable about cycles, and they had it running a couple hours after bringing it home.
Men never really grow up. But then, perhaps women don't either.


  1. I totally agree about the growing up part.

  2. lol I'm w/ Celeste and you on that one....Cliff looks like a little boy having a ton of fun!

    Good riding pics too. Blue is such a sweetie :) even if all I saw of his were his ears ;)


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