Sunday, September 09, 2007

My radar still works

The grandson came in from a long Saturday night, at 5 AM this morning. No big deal. He's of age, and I told him he doesn't have to report in to me while he's staying here.

But I knew something was amiss. There was something in the way he greeted me (yes, I'm always up by 5 A.M.).

Turns out he'd been having fun in the river bottoms again with his friends. And somehow ended up with a busted windshield. Oh yes, and he lost a license plate.

I don't mind helping someone who is willing to help himself. But my patience is starting to wear thin here.

Wake up, Grandson! Ain't nobody else going to let you live with them for $25 a week.


  1. I remember those days when I was just coming home at 5 am instead of getting out of bed at that hour like I do days!

    except, I never broke a windshield or lost a license plate.

    Boys! sometimes I wonder about their good sense....

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