Tuesday, September 04, 2007

motorcycle rides

We sold our Honda Gold Wing and now realize we miss it badly.

I blogged about it on my AOL journal.

People ask, in my comments section, why we don't just go for rides in the car.

While I enjoy travel anytime and by any means, Cliff hates it. He doesn't understand why anybody would want to be anyplace but home. He's spent his whole life commuting to and from work, and driving just isn't pleasurable to him. In fact, he considers it grueling. I try to explain this to people, but they simply don't seem to "get it". I think it's because we all like to see things from our own perspective, and it's hard to understand how anyone could have a totally different point of view from ours. It took me years, literally, to stop trying to change this part of my husband's nature.

For almost two carefree, glorious years, Cliff suddenly loved to go on road trips. Planned or unplanned, he was always ready to fire up the Honda and go. This man, who never liked picnics, was suddenly suggesting them. We kept sardines and crackers in the trunk of the motorcycle at all times, just in case we happened to be on the road at lunchtime.

I was always a little nervous, riding. Everybody knows motorcycles are dangerous. But then, perhaps that's part of the romance of the beasts, that element of danger.

I miss the impromptu rides, the picnics, the camaraderie.

Cliff just misses the motorcycle in general.

We're shopping. Wish us luck.


  1. I wish y'all the best of luck!

    I hope you find the bike you are looking for and fits you two perfectly.

    My husband is the same way-a huge homebody.

  2. My husband travels so much of the time I hate to ask him to hit the road with me on the weekends. He just likes to putter around the barn and I don't blame him. It's a four hour commute for him on days that he has to go to Portland which is usually several times a week.
    Hope you find something that you like so you'll get to go on those fun outings again!

  3. I knew it!!!!!
    Like Cliff Pat hates to go anywhere. All I have to do is say lets go and he does as long as it is on the bike.


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