Monday, September 24, 2007

Look what the grandson brought home

Yeah, it's a dirt bike with no seat. And it doesn't run.

I told him that while he's here, he can't get a motorcycle. However, since this is a dirt bike, I'll let him keep it.

As long as he doesn't throw all his money into this project, I'll be glad to see him enjoy it.

However, if his whole paycheck starts disappearing, his rent goes up. I'm not letting him live here practically free unless he either (a) saves some money or (b) gets his teeth fixed. Or both.

Because I don't enjoy helping people who won't help themselves. And no, he doesn't read this blog.


  1. hahaha: "And no, he doesn't read this blog"

    My oldest boy has had a ton of fun on his dirtbike.

    Now, the teeth would be a huge issue with me.......

  2. With no seat and it doesn't run I guess he won't be wasting a lot of money on gasoline!! I'm with BG, get the teeth fixed, it's a life time investment!

  3. well, if he doesn't read your blog then you should print this entry and tack it up on the fridge....just so he knows what he can (and can't!) get away with!

  4. Hey, you're right on about letting him keep it--everyone needs something fun and challenging to look forward to. This sounds great.

  5. My grandfather always said if you'd just give boys (or young men) something to tinker on, some kind of machine, they'd stay out of trouble. I think he was right, and your grandson will probably spend many happy hours tinkering with his new toy.


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