Saturday, September 01, 2007

Have you ever seen a Puggle?

We attended a family reunion today, and several people brought their dogs along.

My particular favorite one was rather camera-shy. Here's the first picture I took:

He simply refused to be still long enough for me to take a picture.

So I held his head in place, but he refused to look at me then:

He's a Puggle, which means he's a pug-beagle cross. Absolutely adorable.


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Yes, I've seen a Puggle, although it was online. Darling spent an entire afternoon one day looking up Poodle crosses and decided that the Puggle is the one she liked best. I told her if Rufus hadn't been altered, I'd breed him to a poodle because think a Rufadoodle would be best :)

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    T? I didn't hit the send button yet. That should have been Tracey...

  3. He is a cutey!

    I'm wondering how many families a person has to reunite with though. Isn't this your third or fourth reunion of the summer? Ah...I'm just jealous the only reuniting my family does is over funerals and weddings and even then it only goes back to my mother and her siblings - no distant cousins or long lost great aunts in my tree. :-(

  4. I have a puggle! I blogged about her here:


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