Friday, September 07, 2007

HELP!!!!! I can't stop vacuuming!

After wishing, praying and hoping for several months, I finally bought a Dyson vacuum sweeper.

I had listened to happy Dyson owners rave for over a year. I read in blogs about the wonders of the Dyson.

I didn't want to pay over $400, and I wanted one of the animal-hair ones. My dog, Sadie, sheds like crazy.

So I was Googling around the Internet looking for bargains and suddenly found a deal at Linens and Things, online. First-time customers got 25% off by typing in a coupon code, and shipping was free. Bingo! I chose the Dyson DC07 Animal Vacuum.

My sweeper arrived yesterday, and I've emptied it three times. The first two times, it was mostly dog hair. Now I'm getting a mixture of dog hair and dust.

I have, in my Google searches, learned that not everybody likes Dyson; in fact, some people hate them and have been badly disappointed. We'll see how I feel about mine in a few months.

I think one of the fascinating things about this modern marvel is that you can see what you're picking up in the clear dirt-container. Believe me, it fills up fast, and keeps getting dirt long after I would have stopped, if I couldn't see what I was getting out of the carpet!

I've swept carpets, throw rugs, bare floors, steps, and bedspreads. Every time I park the silly-looking purple thing and sit down, I glance around and see just one more thing that needs vacuuming.

I'm going to have to sleep and eat sometime. HELP!!!!!


  1. If you run out of things to clean up...I'm just trying to help, here...There is always you DAUGHTER'S house, just 2 miles away.

  2. Oh no you don't girlfriend. You're on your own...LOL

    Me, who has been known to vacuum once a MONTH or when the cat hair is ankle deep, is now vacuuming twice a week. And yesterday, I did what I called 'just a touch up' and got a full canister of cat hair. Today I do the real cleaning. I have NEVER had a machine that does what this one does. I'm so glad you like yours are acting just like me.


    Vacuum on


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