Friday, September 28, 2007

Whatever happened to bedspreads?

All my life I used simple, one-piece bedspreads on my bed. You know, the kind that pretty much reaches the floor all by itself, no dust-ruffle required. And no expensive pillow-shams to cover pillows that you don't use at all, but toss on the floor every night when you go to bed. No, you just tuck the top of a real bedspread under the pillows, then cover them up for the day.

About five years ago, I finally gave in to fashion, after finally finding a bedding-set on sale that included the dust-ruffle, shams, and quilt-like top (which said "dry-clean only", but I washed it).

The dust-ruffle was always hanging a bit low and getting caught in the sweeper when I vacuumed. But I've made do with it all these years, simply because I didn't want to have to pay that exorbitant price for something similar that I would dislike just as much.

I've window-shopped online, looking for a simple bedspread, with no luck. Or if I did happen to find something halfway close, it didn't match the lavender blinds in my bedroom windows.

Obviously, lavender has fallen out of favor.

Yesterday I asked my husband, "Whatever became of ordinary bedspreads? I wouldn't mind having an old-fashioned chenille bedspread, even!"

I looked online, as I had in the past, to no avail. Until I remembered Ebay.

Nobody else is hopelessly old-fashioned enough to have bid against me on this item so far. If they do, I'm sure I'll find something else on Ebay that will work for me.

If you're interested in seeing whether I get it or not, it's item #200155442443


  1. Every once in awhile I see a bedspread at Walmart

  2. I have the SAME problem with our dust ruffle. And, buying bedsets for a kingsize bed is I only have 1.

    I miss the Chenille (sp?) bedspread I had as a little girl growing up.....

  3. Every bed in my house has chenille bedspreads on them. I LOVE them and refuse to get caught up in all that pillow sham stuff. The one on our kingsize bed has a small rip in it that I need to mend cause I'm not giving it up till I find another just like it!!!

  4. The Vermont Country Store has fabulous, old-fashioned bedspreads. All prices, all sizes and colors. They have all of the great stuff from the good old days. I agree, the shams are ridiculous. Good luck!

  5. I was just about to put the pain in the a** comforter cover back on our "comforter" (whoever came up with that name never had to wash to the cover), when I wondered "Whatever became of good old-fashioned bedspreads -- like the ones I had growing up?" And poof, your blog post appeared. Nice to see I'm not the only one who misses them.


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