Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our current motorcycle

That's our old (new) Gold Wing. As opposed to the newer (our old) Gold Wing that we sold.

This motorcycle has opened up some new possibilities for Cliff.

See, the one we sold had to be taken to a shop for any sort of repair. That includes having new tires put on. The spark plugs were impossible to find, on it; even for Cliff, who has always tinkered with such things.

No so, with this 1982 model. Cliff bought a Clymer book, and after browsing through it, is confident he can tear into any part of this motorcycle and put it back together again. So this one is not only something to ride, it's a hobby in the same vein as the old tractors Cliff has spent so much time restoring.

We requested and received a J. C. Whitney motorcycle catalog. Wow, there are all kinds of goodies and extras for our old bike, at comparatively reasonable prices.

We're going on short rides two or three times weekly, just like we did with the other 'Wing. There is a noise that Cliff can't quite identify that nags at him (motor noise? vibration in the frame?); because of its age there is, in the back of our minds, the thought that this motorcycle could fail us, leaving us stranded along the roadside.

Hey, if it quits, it quits! We'll ride until it does so.

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  1. I'm glad you got another bike as you two enjoy it so much. Get the ole' camera ready for all the sights that you see.

    I did see your big bruise on another post back along. I didn't get anything that big but I am sore all over and have numerous smaller ones here and there. I am very lucky that I didn't break anything. I can take being sore for a few days? but a broken neck would sure be awful. God was with me and I know it!!!

  2. It's so nice that you have something you both enjoy doing. My mom rides with my dad - but she hates it! But she figures at least they get time together....well, not MUCH time since, you know, the weather here in Michigan isn't exactly motorcycle appropriate a lot of the time!


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