Thursday, September 06, 2007

Moving right along....

Figuring it best to get that rather questionable Wordless Wednesday moved on down the page, I'll do a "this-n-that" entry.

First of all, my husband and I are a little miffed at the staff at our local doctors' office.

Cliff recently had a bit of a minor physical problem. We saw the nurse-practitioner about it, and got the problem fixed. She asked that he come back in two weeks and get a blood test to make sure his good-bad cholesterol ratio was where it should be (to see if the recent addition of Niaspan is doing its job), and to make sure his blood count was in the proper range; recent tests showed him to be slightly anemic. Also, she said, it was time for the every-three-months blood test to make sure his liver is standing up to the Lipitor he takes.

The nurse came in first, of course, asking why we were there. We told her, including the fact that Cliff hadn't eaten since the previous night.

Then the nurse-practitioner entered, asking, "What brings you here today?"

Duh. You told Cliff to come back in two weeks, lady. For a follow-up, and for the blood work. We mentioned that he was fasting.

Enter another nurse, and blood was taken.

Unfortunately, not all the blood vials that were needed were taken, evidently.

When we got back home, there was a message on our answering machine asking Cliff to come back, that they needed a "fasting blood test".

He was fasting when he was there!!!

I guess nobody's perfect. But in these times of high gasoline prices, I wish they'd be a little more vigilant and listen to their patients; it's over fifteen miles, one way. We should have made the appointment with Cliff's actual doctor, who has had heart issues himself and pays very good attention to what we tell him.

Yeah, so he's going back today, just to have blood taken.

We have learned lately not to tell Cliff's siblings every little symptom he has, even if they ask. They get on the telephone, diagnose him, decide he's dying, and get all worked up about things. Then he gets a phone call from his brother in Kansas, saying, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Tell him what? Geesh.

In other news, looks like our heat wave is over. And there's rain in the forecast. So far all we've had is sprinkles, but at least that settles the dust a bit.

I can smell autumn in the air.


  1. sometimes I wonder how those harried medical professionals keep from accidentally killing us....

  2. Scary isn't it?! I agree with BG, is't amazing we don't come out with some thing worse then what we went in for.

  3. Anonymous4:58 AM

    You wonder..don't you...what goes on inside a doctor's office. My son has had a lot of dr's visits this year because of his thyroid and oh the tales I could tell you! I finally came to the conclussion because he is young and not asking the right questions..they were shoving off to the side. When you have a kid in front of you who looks like he is anorexic and is shaking..and has high blood pressure...wouldn't you, you know...notice..and do something..not just...notice. So frustrating..I am right there with on this post.. Sorry your husband has to do more sucks..

    Oh, and about the have to love family! DRAMA!


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