Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sharing an Ebay funny

A fellow posted this link on one of the message boards I frequent, and I want my readers to laugh along with me.

Click HERE.

Warning, the lady has a blog; because so many people asked, she posted the link. If you, like me, have already subscribed to too many great blogs VIA Bloglines or Google reader, or whatever means, and blog-reading consumes too much of your time, do NOT click on that link. You'll end up adding one more.


  1. Wow, if I could get those kinds of prices by writing whitty auctions, I might even be able to get my hay bill paid. What a hoot!

  2. There were 53 bids!
    Ok time to go look through my closet and start writing! :)

  3. Anonymous12:21 AM

    My daughter has 6 kids too but she had the first 3 long enough ago that they are great babysitters for the little 3!


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